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7 Feb 2007

Gaudi rocks (when he is open!)

We have had a really gorgous day today.
We truly have.
We rose early for a breakfast fit for the king of spain with a buffet of cereals, fruits, ham, cheese, breads, toast, eggs, bacon, sausage, fruit juices, cakes and lard. So one has to indulge in such presentation as one has miles to walk today to burn it all off. Mark and I sat in awe at the many tastes on offer. The thought of over facing ourselves would have only spoiled it. So we took little bits here and there and at 9am prompt we power walked it off to the Marina to catch a cable car to Castell de Montjuic. It was flaming freezing compared to yesterday and even power walking and a hot brekko wasn't raditaing at all. As the cable car service started at 1030 we had to hang around in gale force winds for it to open and guess what? I actually have wind burn on my face...... so funny. Whilst hanging around we took to the beach and saw this crazy cuckoo-la-la woman walking her CAT! Is this normal or are we behind on such domestic petness?
It was so cold I begged to find a cafe and we found one that obviously served ship yard workers only. Still the people were freindly as we drank Bonka coffee. Which reminds me. Yesterday whilst we hunted around the market we saw two stalls with really funny names next to each other. One was called Menuts and the other was called El Quim. Both mark and I sniggered like silly kids and of course we have the evidence to prove it. Anyway, cable car time came. Boy those things are rickety. My legs were quaking all the way across but it was all forgotten too quickly as soaked in the most spectacular views of the city and harbour.
The walk from the cable car up to the Castell was perpendicular. I know I will wake up with arthritis and varicose veins after that trek. All the way up there were so many beuatiful things and scenes to enjoy. I seriously am getting old to be overly enjoying all of this and Im so happy about it. Marks pace was doubling and it soon became obvious. There was only a flaming geo cache at the top. The little sneak. After walking almost 17 thousand miles to get there, we found it past the castell which is an old fort overlooking both the city and the harbour. The views were breathtaking and the sun came out real quick and so warm!. The cache contained so many wonderful objects and Travel Bugs (items that beg to be taken around the world). We dropped one travel bug in that we collected on Sunday that stated it only wanted to go to Olympic hosted cities - Barcelona having hosted in 1992). Mark signed the book but we didnt take another tag out as they were from the UK - no fun going back to the UK when other cachers could take it on as far afield as Oz and the US. And there are tonnes of Americans here and Irish, strangely enough!
Here are some of the 400 pics we took - we like these ones - they epitomise our fab day:

After the cache find we made our way back down the hill although abseiling would have been easier as it was so steep. My flipping feet are in agony not to mention me old knobbly knees!!. On the way down we passed a park for children as as there were none around, it would have been rude not to play on some of the fun see saw and those rope slidey things that you hang on to and you wizz down on this contraption. I had so much fun. This made me think of Ellie and boy am I missing that wonderful creature right now :(.
As the hill was crippling my knees we took a metro train down the rest of the way and took lunch on the Ramblas. This is a famous street known for its entertainers, flower stalls and exotic birds. Its a hub of busy people doing their daily thing with tourists in abundance strolling with no cares. After eating, we mapped out to see some of the reason why Barcelona is an arcitectural dream - Gaudi's work. One guide book showed off this amazing design of a building that I simply had to go and see the Palau Guell. I simply had, had, had to go and see it. Got there and NOPE. Closed for renovations. We have seen some many building requiring or undergoing this and whilst it is frustrating it is necessary and understandable. So we mapped out the next visit to see his works at the Palau de la musica catalana. This is a music hall with some heavy artwork rather like Art deco tiffany lamps. I was desperate to see it. On the way we took in sights of buildings with Gaudi influence (see pics below) that add a touch of icing onto relatively monotonaous buildings. I was impressed only by small detail along this route - Mark could be heard muttering "im going to wrap that bleeding camera round your neck" a few hundred times....... mwahahahahahaha. So, anyway, we gets there and you guessed it. Well, you didnt actually as it wasnt closed for renno. BUT! They wouldnt allow cameras in there and as I only take photos and not orders we came away. Don't get me wrong, Im all for memories I can contain in my head but to relay that info to Ellie wouldnt have the same effect as showing pictures out of a guide book. Grrrrrr! We did manage to take some Gaudi drama outside the venue which had in me in utter shock. Its just beautiful.
We weaved our way back to the hotel after being on our feet for 7 hours straight (except for 20 mins for lunch) for a siesta at 4pm. The wind burn from the morning knocked me for six. We took another long stroll out this evening for an italian meal and we are now back in the room literally pampering our aching footsies. We are mapping out tomorrows adventures of Gaudis magnificence at Casa Mila, Sagrada Familiia, Casa Batllo plus various twists and turns that lead us to some random yet beautiful part of the city.
**mum and dad - thank you for having me 36 years ago (tomorrow) so that I could be alive to enjoy this very special, wonderful and amazing time in my life right now - loves you dearly**
**Belle - I know you won't be reading this as nanny and pops dont "do" the net but I wanted to recird this for you - we miss and lubs you too too much**
Adios amigos.


Suz said...

Happy Birthday for tomorrow Kirsty!! Hope you have a fabby time xx

bookit said...

aw...what a shame about the gaudi...but those blue skies go a little way to making up for it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY today...enjoy it :)

Debbie Nicholas said...

happy birthday kirsty - sounds like a fab time :)

Tracie H said...

Kirsty....your photographs are amazing! Have a wonderous birthday tomorrow.

Missy said...

Happy Birthday to you and enjoy that special day. Those photos are just amazing...thanks for sharing.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday. :) Love those pics, rofl at the cat on a lead - it looks happy enough haha.

Alexa said...

Oh I absoloutely LOVE Barcelona, the Placa de la Musica is my fav, it's such a shame that you're not allowed to take pics in there, make sure you get some postcards of it ! Happy birthday, I it is wonderous! x

joanna said...

Yay Kirstles!! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, darl - sounds like you're having a great time, and the photies are stunning! xxxx

Anonymous said...

Wow what a Great time you are having! I feel like I am there with you :)
I love the Ramblas, and had to chuckle at the market stall names...heheheheh....;-)
All The BEST for tomorrow I know you will have a Wonderfilled Day..Thanks for sharing with us..
Big Hugggs - ljd - (Linda)

Sheila said...

Am in awe of you taking geocaching to a whole other country. Gives this beginner something to aspire to!

ski said...

Have a great day tomorrow.

Hope you have time for more caches (they take you the the best places)

Josefin said...

Oh, It seems that I havent been in here and I dident know you were going to Barcelona - I live there!!! Or more corectly to say that for the last three years we have been living 40 km north by the sea. Anyway I not spanish eather - bur I´ve been livng here nearly 12 years now. Can I just say one thing - Palau de la Musica its not Gaudis work, but it by Domènech i Montaner, another very important architectur of Barcelonas Modernism.
Bcn have not been very nice to you on you birthday I understand - but feliz cumple años - anyway. I love to se more pictures from you later - have I nice stay!!!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Kirsty, love the photo's

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