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8 Feb 2007

Birthday Girl

Ooooooooh I couldn't be in a better place right now for my 36th year. Barcelona is truly gorgous.
Today was best enjoyed sharing with Gaudi's finest pieces at both the unfinished cathedral (erm, WOW!) and the Casa Batllo (erm, mega whoops of wowness and total in awe of what that man endeavoured to reveal his art). I won't try and sell you these places but if ever you visit Barcelona I defy you not to be enchanted by any of these two wonders. Mark and I couldn't stop shaking our heads at the attention to detail, the lack of boring angular architecture (this man relied on nature, fluid lines, amazing use of light and natural curves). He aspired to air and how it flowed, light and how it fell and hundreds of little nickety nackety's that most would take for granted. we soaked it all up and I touched eveything to feel how this man wanted to make life so much more wonderful. I am inspired and came close to tears at how simply breathtaking one man could be. He was shunned and mocked during his lifetime which is always the way for someone who after they have died become a celebrated piece of history. Why is it they suffer all their life and the moment they die, they become iconic legends? From renaissance painters, to barking mad composers to Marilyn Monroe to Princess Diana - its dreadful to think that people who make a change can only do so when they have gone. Sniff sniff.
After our fill of more architecture throughout the day Mark treated me to a Dunking Donut Birthday treat. Birthday cakes don't come ten a penny like they do in the uk although you cannot argue with the fabulous array of pastries and delicate cakelets in some bakeries around this city. I thought Dunkin Donuts was a kitsch way to celebrate my day and a rewarding respite for my double blistered tootsies. With no candle for my centre piece, we improvised, adapted and overcame the situation with a straw (but we didnt set it alight). It was fab! We came back to download a ton of photies, surf a few sites, munch on olives, plan a geo cache for tomorrow and a little birthday siesta!!! We rang Belle to have a little fix of her gorgous voice and the excited creature relayed her day in one little word....... "SNOW"! Damn, i miss that stuff on my birthday. i think I was 8 when I last had a proper white birthday. I can imagine that wee lady's pink cheeks and wide eyes today and I missed it :(:(.

It was then out for Aromatic Crispy Duck and prawn crackers for dinner. Ive had a bloody marvellous day. Have you?


Jo said...

happy birthday girly!!!!....glad you had a good one :) mmmmwwoooaah xx

Yvonne said...

Happy Birthday Kirsty - glad you had a good day!
Fab photos.

sharitas said...

Happy Birthday Kirsty :)
Ab in awe of the time you are having, hope yr tootsies recover.

XX Sharon

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kirsty! WOW thanks for sharing your day and pictures. Sounds dreamy!

Corinnexxx said...

|Happy B-day princess! I see you have a wonderful time and those pics just rock big time!


Emmie said...

Happy Birthday. Wow photos. I love Barcelona.
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Suzanne said...

Oh it sounds like you had the best birthday! Love how you are telling your story, you've got me right in there with you (well, virtually anyhow!)

Gorgeous piccies too - as ever.

TopCat76 said...

Happy Birthday!!
I was having a great day until I saw a headline on the BBC online today: Vandals have attacked Barcelona's famous dragon sculpture by Antoni Gaudi - there are some people who really make me sick.

Karen said...

Beautiful pics, glad you had a good day. :)

Kirsty (mmmbisto) said...

Wow, your birthday is the day before mine! So cool :)

Hope you had a great one, and hope to see you someday again.

IkeaGoddess said...

Happy Birthday. I hope all your wishes come true.
Thanks for taking us along on your trip to Barcelona. Your travelogue is fun and exciting.
Enjoy your trip.

Anonymous said...

Hiya hun...

Just wanted to say hi from Canada. Also had to tell you that my husband and I read this entry.. and loved our little virtual tour of Spain through your camera lens. Thanx for sharing.. it was deeelightful eye candy.

Di :)

*** Moneypenny *** said...

Happy Birthday Kirsty ~ hope you get everything you wish for, you definitely deserve it hun :O)

Love & hugs Vanda xXx

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