Ladies Camera Club

6 Feb 2007

Barcelona - its such a beautiful horizon

aaaah Queen, what we do without the immortal words of Freddie Mercury?
We **heart** Barcelona. We **heart** complimentry wifi, apple books and sky news... hurrah.
Getting to Barcelona, on the other hand, was a bit of a drama. Ever watched a movie where by a voice comes over the tannoy to ask if there was a doctor on board the aircraft?? Cue poorly gentleman 3 rows ahead of us who sets the orange attendants (easy jets finest) on full alert. No doctor aboard (How can this be? All the movies have doctors on board. I was expecting a man ripping open his shirt as he attends to the sick revealing a blue lycra suit with a golden yellow S to save the day but then again why would a doctor fly easy jet in the first place?). However a nurse offered her services and the skies were saved. It was quite a panic at 39,000 feet. Now I know we were at 39,000 feet as opposed to 37,000 feet as the captain kept chirruping snippets of info between said gentlemans wife in hysterics, the attendants calming the gentleman down with terrible jokes and myself creating a digi layout (I could only digi pics of my crimbo files, so sorry Roz - my BOM could well be done from Barcelona pics). Mark had his head stuck in a soduko book (we were seperated by the aisle on this flight which was fabulous as I could actually look at him for reassurance when the plane made a slight wobble). I managed to make a layout by the time we landed.
As soon as we had landed, the paramedics charged the plane to the poorly mans side, we alighted the aircraft to wonderful blue skies and 15 degrees of sun - practically bikini weather. The hotel is beautiful with a reception area in jade greens and black akin to a reformed art deco effect. Our room, however, has no room to swing amoeba let alone swing a cat but its rather modern with a significant feature known only to modern man as Le Bar Mini. Stacked to the brim with overpriced minitatures, crisps, mars bars (?), peanuts and olives. Oh man I do love olives. You can keep your mini bar mortgage priced groceries, Im off to nip over the road later for a tin of olives to munch as we soak our blistered feet.
I type this entry as my photos download - I have to admit I took more pictures of peoples private terraces as opposed to the architecture thus far. We have another 4 days to do that but I couldnt resist snapping terraces with potted aloe vera and geraniums, jade green doors and terracotta tiles. Bottles of wine discarded or being used as candle holders, washing lines full of laundry, bicycles (on a roof??!), tv serials, cane chairs, pools - the lot. Heaven. Later in the day we took random twists and turns to discover Barcelona how we wanted to see it as opposed to the guides. Hidden flowerstalls, wonderful aromas from tapas bars and a fabulous market displaying such a wonderful array of colour, texture and scent. If our markets paid this much attention to detail, the fun going back into market shopping would treble ten-fold.

Anyway, Im almost done with the photos, we might have another siesta and then go and discover Barcelona at night.
Adios amigos.


joanna said...

Ooh, beautiful photos, Kirstles - I love the ones from the market - the fruit looks gorgeous! xxx

Suzanne said...

ooh Kirsty, look at all those colours - I can tell you are in photography heaven!

Fabby page too - and on a plane! Talk about not keeping a good woman down :D

Hope you have a wonderful week together.

Paula said...

Wonderful pictures! It´s amazing how things come to life when seen with new eyes. I need to go out more with my camera, Buenos Aires has a lot of Spanish influence. Thanks for the inspiration.

Corinnexxx said...

wow girl this place looks terrific what a cool shots you made! have fun!


Heather the Blether said...

Oh I love Barcelona you will have a ball and must visit the beach walkway... so peaceful yet so full of life... have fun x

angela said...

Ooh, looks beautiful. Love the photos, some warmth and colour is just what I need right now. Looks like you'll miss the snow thats forecast for wed night then, lucky you!

Katie said...

Gorgeous Photos! Thanks for sharing them with us :)

cahyaning wulan said...

beautiful photos! i especially love that one with colorful chilies & garlic!

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