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16 Jan 2007

Technique Tuesday is born

Diary Pointers:
Weight: Back on track at the gym and pushed myself harder for not going yest. The extra 10 minutes hard slog is bound to have shifted 6 stones. Therefore I am a size zero again. I look ridiculously gorgous in skinny jeans and a boob tube. Aaaaah well, beats the canvas marquees I used to wear.
Drink: The usual tea, fruit juices and water. My 5 a day regime is looking rather regimented (but can you count a bounty bar (coconut=fruit) and a jaffa cake as part of your five a day?)
Cigarettes: None - My lungs are in purest form aside from the coughing I am still experiencing (see health)
Mood: Was in a great mood up until 5 minutes ago. Now Im just p'ed off. Long story, nothing you would be interested in but it sure is eating at me.
Health: I am still coughing. Why am I still coughing. Im sick of it.
Photos taken: 14 - of my newest students (see below). The pic just here is one of my faves from last year of belle. I dont like to post a blog entry without a nice picture and she looks uber cooio with mega funkerama vibes on top.
Scrap supplies used: Lots - and the kitchen reeks of booze (from alcohol inks)
So tell us about technique tuesday, Kirsty......
Well actually the kids wanna call it Sticky Mitts so I might have to compromise and call it Sticky Tuesday! We played with distress and alcohol inks tonight and the kids are half way through a "all about me page". I cannot believe how bloody fantastic these kids are and Ellie - well that kid suprises me all the time. She has a ball and with the chit chatter, cheek and cheer was on the menu in our cosy kitchen and left with the legacy of this day with inky fingers literally stained for a month. I remember when Anna made a layout on my hands using alcohol inks on my finger nails last year........ lets just say they were green and yellow for 9 days. Not nice close up photo;s of my hands but memories all the same :)
Last chance to put your name down for the comp on Mondays blog entry. Ellie and I will do a You Tube broadcast showing you the lucky winner for the youtubing world to see (weds night). I guess about 95 hits dont you? Somehow I dont think its worthy of a 150,000 youtube special but its all fun!
And finally ... here is the 3rd monochromatic easy page kit for newbie digi's. Welcome juicy jaffa in all her zingyness. Credits go to janita at Shisheido for the permission to use one of her brushes xxI love her - I cant wait to release chicky chicky chick choc brown to go with her but I think the next release is actually Key Lime Twang, so do hang on for that. Until then - please down load this here (the rest of my kits will finally lay to rest here too)
When you have found this page please pay attention to this message in gween **Scroll a little down the page, wait for it to load then click download**


Dana said...

Thank you - it looks great !!

french mims said...

Not sure if it is too late to enter the competition "A trip down memory lane" but the answer is: sat and sun 3/4 November at The Stoke by Nayland Club on the Essex/Suffolk border.
By the way, love that website!

D@nielle said...

I think technique tuesday is a fab idea and those kids are lucky with you around !

Ann(i)e said...

Glad to see you are not up to much....LOL!! you busy little bee you. I am LOVING your tuesday craft that is super cool!!! I will admit to being partial to the sticky mitts name....clever kids!!

Roz Roz said...

OMG, can I please come to the kids class, what they have done, looks stunning. Thanks for the kit, off to play with it now.

Pauline said...

You're a star! Don't know how you do it but I love, love, love your kits and I want to be your new best friend please? Oh and if Roz gets to come I want to hitch a lift, that class looks fandabidozi!

Pauline said...

You're a star! Don't know how you do it but I love, love, love your kits and I want to be your new best friend please? Oh and if Roz gets to come I want to hitch a lift, that class looks fandabidozi!

Anonymous said...

I did a LO using your Juicy Jaffa and posted it to 2peas (hope this was ok)
Thanks again,
Kirsten (NSW, Australia).

fgeegf said...

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