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9 Jan 2007

The postman hates me

Diary Pointers:
Weight: Have prolly lost 3 of the 25 stone I put on this weekend. Been pounding the gym and departing the building looking a lot more flushed than your average plum
Drink: Tea, water, Apple juice, grapfruite juice and orange juice. Am health guru and have vitamin C oozing out of every pore
Cigarettes: None becuase I dont smoke
Health: Cough almost gone - Im am almost fit as a fiddle
Mood: Violently happy
Photos taken: None - cant unscrew my bulb for studio work and not in the mood :O
Scrap supplies used: None - am only digi scrapping this week to beat the bug out of me
So why does the postman hate you, Kirsty?
Man, he dreads his deliveries to my house this week. For the past few days we have taken delivery of one thing or another but my most favourite deliveries are of those I am not expecting. Today I received a crumpler bag to protect my Mac book which is more practical than fashion. I knew that was coming. Then my large black backdrop arrived which, again, I knew was coming. But then I got this monster box. Now all my deliveries were accounted for so I thought "mmmmm Nikon have sent me each and every lens from their range - just for me becuase I love them so much". And then I slapped myself about the head and realised this would never ever happen.
I analysed the postcode - TW18? mmmmmmmm - no idea. I was beat and so set about opening the box of all boxes. I removed the wrap and bubble wrap and pouches (I LOVE BURSTING THOSE and giving Ellie a heart attack. In fact the noise is akin to an excocet missle landing in the hallway!) In there was the most amazing donation of chipboard and flowers and inks and stamps and yummylishus things from a lady who contacted me last week. Now I say Lady because I dont have her name and there was no letter in with it . Last week a lovely and kind UK Scrapper said she was having a clear out and wanted to send some stuff over for our Technique Tuesday classes that Ellie and I are hosting for kids in the area. I had totally forgotten about it and as I delete all emails as I receive them (roughly 70 a day) I never kept her details. So this is my call to trace the generous scrapper and offer her a photoshoot as a token of my absolute delight. These kids are going to me making better layouts than me at this rate with the amazing - and I REPEAT - AMAZING products.

The picture you see above is a free page kit I made last night. Of course my skillls need fine tuning but its available to anyone who likes digi scrapping. Here is the layout I made with it - very basic and quick yet pretty. If anything its makes a nice screen saver! So get yer butts here for a free download.
Am in total digi heaven but must get back to my one true love - that's basic grey, the aroma of chipboard and the taste of may Arts ribbon. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.
Ciao xx


D@nielle said...

oooh and there are more boxes coming, I hope ......uhm unless it got lost .... ?

D@nielle said...

you rock at digi btw ....

Roz Roz said...

Think I would like to give this digi scrapping a go, what program do I need to open the jack frost collection in to play with it?

Roz Roz said...

OK, I played with it in powerpoint, sure that's not the right place to do it. but for my first go, I'm pleased with it. Its here if you want to see it.

ribinscraps said...

I love your Blog! I read it EVERY day!! I wish you would do more podcasts!

Robin in the USA

tjc designs Craft Cabin Blog said...

Ok Mrs Digi Queen Bee - spill the honey! I have been dying to get into digi-scrappin (lack of time not helping!) but can you suggest any good beginner's sites? tips? Anything!? Eagerly anticipating digi-wannabe! lol

bonnette said...

Are you lost for paper now?????

Purplestroud said...

wow thanks for the downloads, maybe i'll crack digi this year x

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