Ladies Camera Club

11 Jan 2007

Numb wrist action

Diary Pointers:
Weight: Im almost down to a size zero because I have lost a staggeringly real 5lbs in my first week. Posh Spices' pouting and skeletal title has been whipped away from her "LA dreaming clutches" and David Beckham is MINE. Went to the gym today and bound to have knocked at least a centimetre off my thighs from cycling to, what felt like, Leeds and back.
Drink: Tea and Water and fresh orange with grapefruit and apple juice
Cigarettes: None - I am too fit to consider puffing on the evil weed
Mood: 5lb-lessly delerious
Health: Coughed once today and that was only becuase I had to check the scales to see if what I was reading was right
Photos Taken: 3 for this self portrait for POTD at 2 peas. Why, even my face looks drawn and there was no editing except for converting to true b&w. Hurrah - even the camera loves me. Mmmm thinking about it, Im overexposed on the left of my cheek. Poo.
Use of scrap supplies:Lots of digi and lots of paper - hurrah... even keel

So why the numb wrist action, Kirsty??

So I made another page kit.
I enjoy it, it passes the time when Belle is in bed or at school. I learn something fabulous all the time in photoshop - its therapy! I made Ice Queen to compliment Jack Frost for the girlies. When I add up how long it takes to make a kit I would say 3 hours - buts that's on and off over a day and I swear its a good finger and wrist workout! I use a Wacom tablet - it would be nigh on impossible to create such little tricky bits else.
You see this spotty flower? She is my fave creation and took a fair while to make up. Its so simple to turn a generic shape into a 3d effect image. They remind me of Doodlebug petals and I intend to release a large catalogue of colours to buy from next monday. Each week Id like to release a small batch of pretty and unique embellies to compliment the kits I make. The kits will form a library of every colour conceiveable - thats why I release them in a monochromatic finish. Then as the library gets bigger, you simply mix and match the entire collections together to make quick little pages to allow you to play or even keep as part of your memory making. Believe me - I love to mix teal with red, yellow with purple and lime green with cyan blue. So as I steadily release page kit by page kit you will be able to do this too.
Thanks for stopping by to download Ice Queen - she is a pretty little thing. My labour of love.


Michelle said...

great self portrait! love the composition

amanda said...

I think it's a great picture and awesome conversion! Nice to meet ya!

LPinky said...

The picture looks great!! & I love your digi stuff, if only I can figure out how to use it!!

a very tired mommy said...

delurking to say hello and to tell you how awesome both your photos and your work is. :)

am also dying laughing at your diary, too.

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Love your self portrait. And congrats on losing 5lb - could you please kick me up the bum to start my own diet...?

Birgit said...

Great picture of you Kirsty! Love the kit you made! Wow, you're such a busy woman! Don't have a clue how you find time to do all this! :) Wish I could come to the get together in july. Would be so fun meeting you again...

Roz Roz said...

OMG Stinky, your disapearing.

Love the new kit.

Pauline said...

Ok, serious sucking up warning...I LOVE the pink kit (but have completed my first ever digi layout with the Jack Frost kit) and I'm in awe of you fading away! Can I be your cyber-stalker now?!

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