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29 Jan 2007

Mondays are still babba & Weird Tagging

I was housebound today with various jobs to do and tax questions to be answered. I so wish I understood profit and loss in conjuncsh with being half a year vat registered, appreciate depreciation of assets and mumbo jumdo di lumbotically la-la. The phone was a like hotline live wire with various calls - all so very import dont you know. The sooner the deadline for tax returns has been met - the more lively I think my days will become. As I announced, last week, mondays are officially cack. I think it couldnt be further from the truth. cacka babba lalla.
To reward my misery, I munched through almost 12 of these little babies and will await my flab to quadruple in less then 4 hours whereby I will be confined to the house indefinately. To beat my mundaness of taxiness I scoured the cha news both yesterday and today. Did you manage to catch Elsies new line? She udpated from CHA and gave us a snippet of her yummliscious line and as I have a girl I thought I might plum for the pink. I actually prefer the blue. Im so proud of her. Elsie was my first love and she will be my last. Elsie of the future and Elsie of the past ........ who sang that bloody song? John Miles? I think I actually remember liking that.
Anyway, Im off to go and have an early night and dream about eating a tonne of biscuits - guilt free.
***oooh edited to add........ Im off to Barcelona in a week and half and wondered if any of you that may have been could point me in the dirrection of yummy places to go, places to eat (most import) and what to expect. Im so excited just about the Tapas so anything else is a bonus. Ooooh and the weather - whats it like in Feb?
***double edited - I got tagged by Jo. I have been tagged a gazillion gtimes inthe past and always forget to answer them but this tag is about revealing 6 weird things about yourself. Its debatable about my weird quirks and stuff - whats normal to some is far out for others - so here goes:
1. My party piece (and kiddy scaring act) is that I can turn my eyelids inside out and keep them like that until my retinas burn and eyeballs are almost dry.
2. I am fastideous about the cleanliness of my bathroom - you really could eat your dinner off the toilet seat - its like a brand new toilet everyday.
3. If I check something to see if it works or to test it, I have to do it in even numbers. Like flicking pages in a mag, turning switches, sorting items.
4. I put my mascara in my right eye first, then my left - always And when I squirt deodorant under my arms, I squirt left, then right and then a little bit extra on my left after that.
5. I have this phobia of having my knees touched. I wont let anyone touch them and god forbid if i even have to have treatment on them - if rather have gangreen that have me knees touched.
6. Im am all together too weird. You may concur.


joanna said...

Ahh, I don't think you're weird at all, I think you're lubbly :D - thank you for answering the tag, hun - I know they're a blessed nuisance really!! xxx

Chrissie said...

Bar-thay-looooonaaaa...fab place. I would recommend going to the marina as there are some wonderful restaurants there (I hope you like fish because nearly all good food in Barcelona is fish!) And there are two things on the marina that you must see... no. 1 is the aquarium...very fun tunnel that walk 'through' the water and have shark and all sorts swimming above and around you. Cool. And no. 2 is the cinema which (it's late at night and my brain is mush, so I can't think of the word) is one of those very very big surrounds you on all sides ones...(damn, what is that called). Best one I've been in. Quite amazing.

And then in Barcelona itself... must must must see Park Guell which is a park designed by Gaudi (same guy who did the cathedral, which is also worth a look see). The park is FANTASTIC...very very arty and fun. Gaudi architecture is everywhere in the city actually...keep your camera ready.

I thought Las Ramblas was fairly boring, but the market off of it (famous, can't remember the name though) is very prepared for sheep's heads (which women are buying to go off and cook...bleuch!)

Have fun!

Caz said...

While I am sure your toilet seat is sparkly clean and sterile....I still for some weird reason prefer to eat my dinner from a plate!

Annika said...

I just wanted you to know I´ve downloaded one of your kits and done some digiscrapping. You can see it in my blog:

I did change the colors to bettter match the photo. :-)

Have a nice day! /Annika

Anna said...

You will have a fantastic time in Barcelona. My cousin lives there (she is Spanish) and I have been lucky enough to visit there since I was a tot. I have been there in February and the weather was quite mild and sunny.

Not sure about great places to eat as my cousin usually takes care of that. As for sites to see, I agree that the marina and Park Guell are a must as there are great views from there and the Sagrada Familia (the church that is unfinished). There is a large El Corte Inglais store in the centre and if you got up to the restaurant on the top floor you can see great views of Barcelona.

You can buy a two day ticket for a hop on hop off bus tour. There are two routes which takes you round the North and South of Barcelona.

Most of all have an amazing time.

Joanne said...

Haha I share 2 of your 6 wierdnesses! (Havent officially been 'tagged' but hey-ho)

I have a thing about knees and hate them being touched. Ugh! If I catch any of those hospital type operation programmes and its anything regarding knees it so makes me squirm! (much as I am doing right now tbh)

And the even numbers thing? Okay so mine isn't so much about testing things but I do have to have the volume on my car stereo and home stereo on an even number. Don't know why. Drives the boyfriend mad when he turns it up/down and I have to move it a notch to make it even.

As you were.

Oh and enjoy Barca!!

Lucy said...

Hi I have stalked from afar for far too long but have ripped my stalker's badge off, having seen your weird things. No it wasn't the numbers thing or the clean toilet so that you can eat out of it or even the number of squirts of deodorant you need under your arms. YOU WEAR MASCARA IN YOUR EYES?! WOW! I usually find it looks better on your lashes although I must say that I haven't plucked up the courage to try it in my eyes yet... must put that on my list of things to do LOL!

Right down to Barcelona - my db and sil were there last March. Will have to get back to you re weather and restaurants as he's not answering his phone right now for me to ask but will get back to you.............

Jen said...

Well YUK at the thought of no. 1, but 4 and 5 - well that's me too. How weird. But I didn't realise HOW weird until you pointed it out to me. Ta luv!

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