Ladies Camera Club

6 Jan 2007

Its my Bro!

Diary Pointers:
Weight: Have eaten the entire contents of the fridge and cupboards with our guests this weekend so prolly weigh 25 stones.
Drink: Tea, water, juice and am dehydrated badly - effects of excess alc consumption last night
Cigarettes: None, as you know I dont smoke but due to random coughing spurts Id say Im on about one a day in relation to those who do smoke.

Health: Coughing subsided slowy but generally feel great .
Mood: Excruciatingly settled
Photos taken: 16 shots of my bro and his fiance. Studio shot here is for POTD. See artwork I created from yesterdays shoot below too!

So who is this dude, Kirsty?
Why, this is my mean and moody Bro - you know the tough nut exterior who, deep down, has a soft and mushy heart. That tough shell don't scare me, he is my little bro and he was brought up to respect his elders for starters!!!! You wouldn't believe the rigmarole attached to getting him to sit and have his piccy taken. I had to wait for the half time whistle during the Man U and Villa match this afternoon. His fiance, the delectable Kerry, wanted a nice picture to fill her frames so I took plenty for them to choose from. I love it when I have willing models but would rather not have Mr Grumpy plop pants itching to get back to his beloved footy (yawn). Still I get to practice more, Kerry has a frame filled and my bro remains Mr Delightful in all that he does! I did some graphic art this afternoon on one of the pics from yesterdays shoot. If only I had the time to do this more often - truly.....its so exhilerating to be able to sit in bed and play with pictures to make lubbly things like this. If any of you have a B&W picture and want something like this - I can have a go for you :)
Had a quiet day doing what I love doing most of a Sunday and that is chilling out like vegetables on the couch. Mark made hearts attacks for breakfast (that is the fully fry, to you and me) which left us in no mood for lunch but enough to await another heart attack for tea. I love having guests round to our home but somehow we manage to bypass the diet and head straight for artery hell.
The dents in the viaducts around Wigan will be my doing as I go for a run tomorrow afternoon. I have to pre-warn our surrounding counties of Yorkshire, Cumbria and Cheshire that earth tremors at roughly 1300hrs are infact the aftershocks of my feet pounding the tarmac in order to shift one measly ounce.

Pah! How much is liposuction?


cari said...

Love this photo! Great work!

Sara D. (SaraBara on 2Peas) said...

OK so that is one GOOD LOOKIN' couple!!!!! I love your b/w, just perfect, the lighting is great!! TFS!!

Krissynae said...

Love the added color and art in the second picture. Fab picture of your brother

tjc designs Craft Cabin Blog said...

I LOVE the artwork on the b & w photo it is fab!

bonnette said...

You are so funny ... love reading your writing !!!
BTW good looking hunk that bro of yours or is that the profit of a good camerawoman????

Jlyne Hanback said...

HOLY COW where have I been to have not seen your photos before? Good gracious you are so talented!!!! Love your blog and your photos are awesome!

D@nielle said...

lovely photo's you made in this post and yesterday. You're brother is so the handsome silent type in this photo ! You should come and take DH's photo as he hates it and I have very few fab ones (even on the wedding photo's on all the potential good ones he bit on his lip ... sigh)

Liz said...

Love it! umm could be because of the eye candy (how gross is that to hear about your brother? Sorry)but probably because the photographer rocks!

Caroline said...

You do make me laugh! I have visions of your feet making these earth shaking craters in the ground as you run off your brekkie! LOL. Love your photos and the artwork is inspirational!

Celfyddydau said...

Love that bottom one. More a peice of graphic design than a layout. Is it you in it?

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