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6 Jan 2007

Fun Fun Fun

Diary Pointers:
Weight: Still slim although thats just been blown with hideous amount of lard consumed. And no, no gym. Am too fit these days.
Drink: Tea, water, juice and erm.... 6 beers and at time of blogging there is room for more.
Cigarettes: Amounts to about one. I inhaled most of Kerry's ciggo's through passive smoking.
Health: Reeling back to coughing again - almost choked to death earlier today but that was prolly due to ice cream bar's bill. But thye cough is back but seeing as beer has medicinal properties, I guess its doing me some good on the chest infection.
Mood: Delightfully euphoric
Photos taken: 43- on photo shoot, ice cream parlour and family fun shots
What did I do today, then?My POTD is based on Kerry, my brothers gorgeous fiance. I needed to practice my lighting in my makeshift studio plus try out a new backdrop which has made all the difference with black backings. Both she and I are happy bunnies. I get the shots I need to practice with and Kez gets free shots to fill her frames - deal. I cannot wait for both her and my bro, Leigh, to get married this October. Belle gets to be a bridesmaid and I get to shoot the entire event. This is not just a gift to them but my pleasure and with her skin tone being so beautiful - Im going to have a very easy job. Not so easy with my brother though who hates having a camera shoved in his mush.
Whilst the boys were at the crucial match betweeen Liverpool and Arsenal both Kez and I plus Belle went to our new ice cream bar in our local town. Belle gorged on all ices that had toffee and fudge in the title, Kez opted for choc and vanilla's whilst I had a conglomoration of turkish delight, cappacino and coconut............ YUM. Belle was in her element with the exciting way they presented her treat as was Kerry. You think it will catch on? We came back home and battled our excess sugar intake on the playstation. I lost, belle came 2nd and kerry won - pah! We had just started the tea when the boys entered the house with faces as long as something really long from the planet Longer-wonger-ponger. yep - Liverpool got well and truly trashed by Arsenal. man - it's only a game.

Beers were drunk, spag bol was consumed and games were played for an evening that turned out to be tonnes of fun. You would think that after Liverpool getting a whooping (which they didnt deserve) that the boys would be crying in their beers - but no. A great night was enjoyed by all and as I type this blog during the match TV highlights, its good to sit here and update the blog without being caught up in the furore of "that goal should have been disallowed", "that was offside" and "the referee's a puff". Charming.
And finally - always room for a "finally" yet another digi that I made before bedtime last night. I think its my fave so far and yes - you really are seeing that stitched circle and black spotty ribbon again... yawn.Time to fly amigoes..... so much fun to be had.


Kelly (renysmom) said...

your future SIL is beautiful. I love the coloring and the angles. Nice job

cari said...

Love the very first photo on here! I also love the layout at the bottom!

Krissynae said...

What fun shots. all of them. I love the b&w of your sister-in-law. The Ice Cream parlor are so much fun. Thank you for posting

bookit said...

the photos look great! i so have to get playing with my new lighting! and get a backdrop!!!!!

Anna said...

Amazing photos Kirsty. Am loving your blog.

Katie said...

Those photos look amazing.
Such a shame about Liverpoo - 3-1 teehee!!!
an arsenal fan - sowee!

Lorrie said...

Funny blog post. loved it.
Oh, and those first 2 photos are fantastic -- beautiful on the black backdrop and you're right... she's a gorgeous subject to shoot!

Brigitta said...

wow!!!! love those b&w shots you took of your beautiful SIL, can imagine you're looking forward to shooting that wedding!!

Jen said...

Such gorge shots, all of them. Your future SIL is stunning! I'm SOO getting my digi SRL this year. Very soon I hope. Just catching up as I am PC-less most of the time :(

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