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1 Jan 2007

Doctor in the house?

Diary Pointers:
Weight: Heavy, haven't lost that stone I resoluted about yesterday. Poo.
Drink: Tea and Orange juice (ok, Champers last night but that doesnt count)
Cigarettes: None, I dont smoke although the sound of me seems like I inhale 40 a day.
Mood: Crafty, stable, happy (concerned too, a freind got burgled last night)
Health: Groggy and hacky and wheezy
Photos taken: 9
Use of scrap supplies: Plenty
Ok - am suffering still from my Bronchial nightmare but my chest pains are killing me. I take a breath in and its like someone is stabbing me in the chest. The air feels ice cold (even though Im in a centrally heated house) and Im coughing like an old hag. Oh yeah, Im an old hag but Im doing the job justice then, huh? What with hacking, coughing, wheezing, catching my breath..... Im suddnely 84. Plus I don't like going to the doctors - you catch more germs whilst waiting around and basically I haven't got the time to be ill. So - your diagnosis would be appreciated (on the back of a piece of lime green bazzill).
Despite being hacky and at deaths door, it didn't stop me from being Professor Wiseman in her laboratory of design and disaster. I haven't scrapped for ME (on my own time and terms) for ages and today I completed 3 layouts. I can only show you a sneek as they are for a maggo project that wants bright layouts. I got to choose the subject and papers which is a weight off your shoulders, I can tell you. Needless to say that the vitality and zingyness of the profound use of orange has not provided me with the intake of vitamin C right now. I sure need a large injection of that to perk me up.
I then discover I havent uploaded these babies anywhere. Lost all confidence of uploading to public forums so Im being sedate and posting here. Love the book worm of ellie - I did this in Holland when I spent time with the Scrapbook Alliance (waves to the Alliance girls) Besides being ill, we saw our New Year in together midway "Uncle Buck" (one of our fave movies). We watched the spectacle that is the London Eye firework display (this picture was taken of the telly - wish I had of been there - poo)
and carried on with UB after that. Belle was wide awake and playing with balloons and galavanting round the house shouting "happy new year" to the dust, amoeba and boris (that darn ugly lizard we have on loan until weds). Id devoured almost a dozen Ferrero Rochers and was still picking the nuts from my teeth for almost 3 hours after. I love ferrero rochers but a dozen costs £2.99 where as a dozen jaffa's cost 79p. So Jaffa's by the dozen it remains to be on the "gorging yourself senseless in 12's" stakes. I recommend eating in 12s. Its a nice round number but often I struggle after my fourth turkey, so best kept for small food items (strike out sprouts and celery. In fact strike out all green food. Except bogies. Full of protein they are).
Time to sign off and tidy up my hovel of a scraproom. I can;t go to bed knowing its untidy, the thought freaks me out. I mean, imagine my MIL coming around at 3 in the morning to borrow a cup of sugar and let her see that. Woe betide, I say woe betide. So Im off - cough and splutter, choke and hack hack hack. You know, Im almost only 36 and this coughing lark is drawing my desire to seek out those tena ladies. Which reminds me - did you see those slippers you could make out of Sanitary towels? I might give that a go this week.


Krissynae said...

Love the layouts.. I love the picture of Big Ben and fireworks. London is a beautiful place. Can't wait to see more of your pictures.

Robyn said...

AWESOME layouts and that pic you took of the television looks awesome! You totally cracked me up about sending the prognosis on the back of green bazzill! How about green tea? That's one of my fav colors!

Kelly said...

Did you say the picture of Big Ben and fireworks was off the television? It is really COOL! Can't wait to see more this year!

Corinnexxx said...

heheheheehe you are too funny woman. Hope you feel better soon and wishing you a wonderful new year!


bookit said...

get better soon Kirsty poo :)

Suzi said...

go to lidls... it makes the ferrero rocher taste much cheaper ;)

Laura said...

Sorry to hear you're still feeling *poo* Those fireworks were amazing, i stood and watched them on a heath, you cold see everything!

Your work just seems to get better and better Missy!! I love the colour- but to use myself, would scare me hehe!

Ali said...

Kirsty, you do make me laugh - thank you for sharing your life with us over the last year. When I was hospitalized in 2005 with bronchitis, the consultant told me to drink hot drinks for a cough, 'cos the warmth eases the muscles spasms. Hope you feel better soon.

TopCat76 said...

Happy New Year! Love the bright colours on the new layouts... you know you should try steaming your cough out, hot drinks or put your head over a bowl of boiling water with a towel to keep the steam in, works a treat.

bonnette said...

Happy new year, roomy! Hope to share rooms again this year...!

HaleighLynn said...

I thought you were there with that picture of the TV. Great shots!

Dee Marie said...

You have a great sense of humor. I'm excited to see more of your work. Great layouts and photos.

Happy New Year!

Scrapfairy said...

Happy Neaw Yoor!! Hope you get better soon. Those sneaky peeks look yummy scrummy, you are such a tease! Looking forward to see more scrumptious stuff in 07!. x x x

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

A big happy new year honeypie :D

Love the layouts. And you make me laff - love reading your blog.

Didi said...

I dunno how you can sound so chipper and funny when you feel so crappy! LOVE your bloggie! LOVE your bright layouts! Feel better soon!!!

joanna said...

Oooh, most beauteous layouts, Mrs W - I am liking very much :) xxx

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