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21 Jan 2007

Burtons Teacakes, anyone?

ooooooooooooh these take me back.
When I was a kid, I remember these being a massive treat for me, my sis and bro (like wagonwheels, Im sure these were bigger) and today Mark and I gorged on them with wild abandon. I love reminding myself of my youth and such pleasures like this make me feel nostalgic beyond comprehension. Just in the past week I have been listening to Century FM who often play 80's music hits and as I sit and listen and I drift away.
Whilst I was troughing through these little delicacies, I searched the depths of "youtube's" archives and listened to faves like Cars by Gary Numan, Mirror Mirror by Dollar, These Dreams by Heart, Can't fight this feeling by Chicago and The Model by Kraftwerk. Wow - it almost brought tears to my eyes.
My mum looks back on the 60's with as much affection as fondly as I look back on the 80's. And when I look back on the 90's, I can't say I was ever gripped by the whole era. Its bizarre but I have no desire to be so moved by my memories in the 90's even though it saw me marry and have a baby. Thats not to say Im callous - those days and times were and will always be special but I guess musically - you just can't top the 80's. My fave band, The Manic Street Preachers were set up then, Wham splitting up broke my heart and Bucks Fizz were so damn cool (did i really just type that?)
I find with music, it can can give me the same satisfaction for memories as much as photo's do. But I havent got many photos from my past, well actually not many prior to my digital camera days. This makes me feel so sad in a way. So listening to music helps me remember what I was doing at the time of its release and it conjours up a ton of not only fun memories but the struggles and challenges of being a teen.
Besides making myself put on 16 stone today from 5 little teacakes (and im not talking sickly poor cover versions cunningly ripped off by the repulsive coconutty SNOWBALLS or even worse - Tunnock Teacakes... they never had the jammy bit in the middle) and scoffing home made chinese food loaded with crap that will no doubt stick to my ribs, my butt and my arteries FOREVER, I scrapped. Wasnt that a long sentence? Im stuck for breath, hang on. Gasp, gasp.
Granted its a digi again but it was so much fun to do whilst snug on the sofa surrounded by my gang. There was I in the lounge with my lappo, mark on another lappo and ellie on her DS. I think days of slobbing in front of the TV might as well be reminiscant of the 80's as well.
And finally (always room for a "and finally) Id really like to thank you for your support in light of yesterdays yakkiness. I truly am touched with your kind words but the champion of them all was from my darling brother whose open reply made me cry.
Love you too leigh, Im so lucky to have you as my fantastic brother xx


bookit said... those do take me back!!!! lovin watching your digi style develop kirsty :)

Sprogpaws said...

Awh, what a lovely comment from your brother, makes me wish I had a sibling now! And hopefully all the messages will help you realise that one ignorant doofus amounts to absolutely nothing but a pitiful little drop in the ocean of appreciation and friendship that surrounds you! :oD

*wanders off thinking about advertising in the local paper for a family*

ali said...

cor-i listen to Century too! i love 10-12 as i am sure the dj is having a flash back to playing in gay clubs in the 80's-or at least the gay clubs i used to go in!

Elfin said...

Nooooooooooooooooo burtons is a poor imitation of tunnocks teacakes. Tunnocks are heaven in a biscuit. :P

Caroline said...

The last time I bought those teacakes and enthused about them, my kids thought I was off my rocker and that they were cack. No taste I tell ya.......

You've had loads of supportive messages and I hope there is room for one more......keep smiling :-)

Sam said...


You need to try marks & sparks teacakes they are to die for, so scrummy and lovely

Sam x

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