Ladies Camera Club

23 Dec 2006

So I was taking a break

from everything rushed and busy until the organisation of the masters b'day. But oh no. Morma and Pappa come a day early, brother cancels, sisters schedule is unknown (eta - she cancelled), no new clothes, food organised, cake stack rearranged, Ellie sorted, my facial session is touch and go whether I can make it or not. Mum forgot her skirt so we have to go shooping to get a new one. Morma and I took a trip to IKEA to get some glasses and napkins and ended up going to ToysRus on the way plus Asda. We did have fun as we rattled along to the Beatles. I played her a medley and she guessed each song within the first few beats. Its hardly suprising as the Beatles started a lot of their songs with the title of their record. Im in such awe of my morma - she went to see them when she was younger .... now that is impressive.
As promised here are photos of our nature walk/geo cache from Thursday. I love this reflection of Glen, Mark and Belle from the canal. I wish the water had of been a little calmer so it wouldethave looked crisp but thats nature for you huh?

The rest of the pics show the gang, marks 50th caches - guess what was in there as a cache treasure? It was a choice of crayons, a yoyo or a medal (uncanny!) and some naturey bits.

Then there was a leaf clinging on for dear life and yet other branches had buds on them. This gaddarn planet's seasons are well out of sync. Just wish it was permanently summer!