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30 Dec 2006

Playing in the Studio

Well I dont actually have a full blown, photographers dream studio. It turns out that the new den that Mark built me is enough for just myself and craft supplies, projects, albums and knick knacks. So meet my mini studio!! Until we reclaim the dining area of our lounge back - this will do for practice. Whats beautiful about my new den is it is free from inteferring light so it makes perfect practicing until I figure what to do with the mountain of craft stuff I have. Not only do I scrap but I also make cards, sew, paint and use another PC for my Pazzles machine. So I have acquired an awful lot of stuff since 2001 and I can't bare to part with any of it - not even a scrap of card (all my scraps make cards and toppers - for those emergeny fixes). Here are snapshots of the room. Its is pig sty right now and I AM RIGIDLY REGIMENTED about tidyness as a rule. However, this room is still under construction with shelves to be put up and pictures to hang... so forgive me.
I set up the black background for the first time plus my camera and practiced on moaning mini Ellie. Honest, she has a mum who loves taking nice photies and she hates being the subject. Then I practiced on moaning mini Mark and he was just as bad. So if you are up for modelling PLEASE come and play! This was Mark's effort although I have to say that even though its slightly over exposed - he didn't half do a good job. Then I took pics of my new wellies for my geo caching days. I am in love with these monster wellies and saves my trainers and Cat boots from being ruined to death. We are off geo caching in the morning near Abram - I believe there are 9 to find so we will wrap up and go and discover.
I had a lovely email from a lady near me on christmas day who thanked us for bringing geo caching to the world of scrappers. She bought a GPS for her kids and went on their first adventure on Chrsitmas eve. Subsequently they went out again on christmas day. And I believe a certain lil lady in Holland is going to give it a bash. It truly is good, clean family fun and gets you all out in the fresh air. the bonus for the kids is the hunting for clues and the hidden treasure from within. WE LOVE IT.
We went sales shopping today in the Trafford Centre. I only bought a few things including 75% off jewellery pieces for everyday wear, "Big" and "Uncle Buck" on DVD plus some wrapping paper (you know - the nice funky stuff I often use on layouts!!!). I also took a brave step into the Apple shop and calculated my dream purchases to around £2,300 and walked out with only having to spend a penny in the nearly public conveniences!!! Belle bought herself a game for her DS called Hamsters and is hooked. She had an awful lot of saved pocket money to spend and she feels so grown up when she goes to the counter and pays for stuff herself. I admire her new found confidence, especially when she practically jumps for joy over a hassle free transaction with a purchase she is delighted about. And although she had £125 to spend, she didnt part with much. Ive always love that Ellie buys just what she needs as opposed to blowing it on rubbish. Mark bought a shaver after his old one of 4 years died this very morning. He also bought the new Pirates of the Caribean (now I know thats spelled wrong but I can't be bothered to google it neither). We are about to settle down with the last of the Xmas chocs and watch it. And I was so good today eating yogurt, a healthy subway lunch and jacket spud for tea. Aaaah well, new year is but another 28 hours away yet.
Diet will start then.
And resume back to crumbing up the xmas left overs til february, by which time it will be almost valentine and mothers day with chocolates, then easter with chocolates that will last until August. Then I have to buy in the christmas stuff again. Gee.... one day, hey?


D@nielle said...

wow you do have a lot of stuff !
And I must admit I am wondering what my studio will be like when it's finished as I too have a lot of stuff .... And I don't know who the other lady over here is into geo caching it is sounding better in my ears every time you tell us about it. Got to get my dh to read about it too, I think the boys would love to go treasure hunting .....
btw great wellies, I have yellow sunflowers !

bookit said...

love those wellies!!!! my gps will be delivered in 5 days and then we will be off on the hunt too, wish i could come and play with that black background!

Laura said...

Hehe! I know all about the choccie situation, a nightmare eh! Your new studio looks lovely and big...and compared to mine, tidy !!

Kathy said...

I accidently flagged your blog...thought I was ear marking it. Sorry about that.
You have a fun blog.

Sheila Doherty said...

Lovin' your studio. Small or not, it's great to have your own space. :)

Corinnexxx said...

like what I see so far of your studio! that GPS system sounds cool, maybe we should give it a try too, who knows?!

happy new year sweetie!


Jo said...

Love the studio...I am so jealous!!
I have wellies like that too....but in my village they think I am odd if I wear them, maybe a new years resolution to shock Spakenburg!!!
Know what you mean about Ellie, Sam has actually started shouting "stop mama" if I try take his photo....and he is 2!
Cleaned out my "hobby cupboard" yesterday..wont believe what I threw away, just had to or we will have to move....big hug xxxxx

Sarah said...

Kirsty, I'll have your scraproom in a heart beat and it soooo isn't a pig sty! I lurve it and those boots are too scrummy for words!!

I must get me a pair of funky welligogs for walking my new puppy!

Roz Roz said...

Cool wellies. Studio looks brilliant, and tidy, don't know what you on about a mess for my dear. Have a great new year.

Scrapfairy said...

Very jealous of your studio & Love Love Love that dressform you've got. I'd come and model for you but i'm too far away. You're haircut is looking very swish & funky in that photo :) Hope you have a great 2007, have very much enjoyed reading your blog this year. Thanks!

Gwyn said...

If that's what you consider a pigsty, don't come to my studio! It looks great.

And I love your wellies. We had high hopes of getting out and doing quite a few caches, but the weather and my nose have been nasty. So, hoping tomorrow it will either stop raining or start snowing.

We're trying to plan our first hide in celebration of finding 50. (Actually, we're up to 54 finds now). Great fun!

Jen said...

OOh luvverly room Kirst. Hey, I've just realised (DOH!) that you are 30 mins away from my bro and SIL, and I'd already decided I must go and see them more this year, so we HAVE to get together then ok? Pls let me know when you are NOT in the country LOL so I can set a date.....

Essentially Em! said...

Hurray - glad to know I'm not the only geo-caching scrapper LOL!

Fab wellies - I have pink flowery ones.

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