Ladies Camera Club

10 Dec 2006

photoshoots ahoy

Cor blimey guvnor - it all happens to me in the space of a week. 240 photo edits, 4 shoots, moved scraprooms (and let me tell you - that ain't no fun whatsoever even when you discover that you have two collection packs of hang 10, one of which you didn't recall having. You would think I'd be delighted but nope. However I will be paying ebay a visit!), almost commit suicide over setting up wirelss router and christmas tree lights don't work - pah!
Here are some of my faves from yesterdays shoot with Hebe. Daylight was running out fast but my trusty lens caught a few cuties before dusk.
I did a shoot today but will show those tomorrow and I've another one at Dyans' in Harrogate in the morning. Click click click and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.


D@nielle said...

the pic's are fab, and aren't I a lucky girl with an IT dude in the house. Unforntunately the building of my studio was started in february and nowhere finished so hey you can't have it all .... Have a nice day !

Anonymous said...

Oh Kirsty you are so talented. I just love your photos. Wish my children were still young & cute and I would be up North like a shot to have you photograph them. They are teenagers now - so not so much fun!!

Corinnexxx said...

gorgeous pictures as always. show us your new scraproom when it is completly done!


Anonymous said...

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