Ladies Camera Club

6 Dec 2006


Anita bobbed round this evening to help me with some photo editing.
This is the woman who not only has a strong will but also a kind yet brave heart - especially after her sister was only laid to rest 2 days ago. this only goes to prove that although we may grieve ... life literally does and can go on.
What I love most about Anita is that she has no airs or graces. She is a woman of practicality, who won't stand on ceremony, scraps like a wizz, enjoys the immediate company that she keeps and is partial to the last of my cheddar! Most of all she relaxes me and makes me smile right from the very pit of my tummy... ahem, tummies :)
Anita and her hubs also set me up on my mac and loaded various extras plus iChat. Wooohooo - a video cam thingy that I can use to see all my buddies across the water with (providing i have full slap on and my hair is of reasonable state). Here we are demonstrating its full potential although we are actually sat next to each other. How we laughed doing this and not manage to rupture our spleens is beyond me. But here we are enjoying the nights boring festivities of photo editing, munching lemon meringue and listening to/watching Love Actually.
Love IS all around when there is a Mac or two in da house xx
PS: The stuff around anita's nose and mouth is from the pretty bad connection speed of the picture - she was not snorting the soap suds or indeed sniffling the crumbs of meringue from her plate!


bookit said...

we had fun!!!
what a night, cheddar cheese AND lemon merangue!!!! what could be better?

Jo said...

Looks like you had fun. Anita is a strong person and a great friend. Jo would be proud on how she is trying to get on with life.
Miss you both!!
oh and the hair is nice Anita!!!

Corinnexxx said...

bwhahahahaha on the last sentence! I want a MAC toooooooooooooo!


Laura said...

You guys look like you were having so much fun ! Anita appears to be an incredibly strong gal- an inspiration to us all ! :-)

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Kirsty - you just made me laugh so much I nearly burst an eardrum!

D@nielle said...

Yes she is a wonderfull person ! So great she can relax and have some fun over @ your place, good for the soul .... Ejoy the mac ...

Anonymous said...

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