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3 Dec 2006

Click and Scrap and Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrum

Click click click went the camera. Scrap scrap scrap went my hands. The constant "brum" from the revs on my car for 450 miles and my voice is like deridre barlow! Oh wow - another blog entry for me to look back on in future and recall with a smile on my face.
This weekend I went down to Bristol for a one day workshop with Mandy at Mod Scraps and taught alongside Hils and Giselle. The students (well, lets just say bristol UKS'ers!!)must have come away with some pretty good quality stuff - all complete except to add photos at home. I loved this venue held in a school hall with lots of light, nice company and yummy party food. I got to meet Beth - FINALLY - after all this time. She is just so lovely **waves**. I taught my trash book using Crate papers avenue range. I could not speak properly as I have a congested chest (steady) and Mandy had mothered me with Lemsip the night before whilst I stole one of the twins bedroom. Alice's room has this fabulous and I MEAN fabulous wall with designer paper here.

Ive asked alice for a little piece so I scrap with it. As a thank you to sweet alice I took these really funko pictures of her and her chiselled chinned boyf - look at how gorgous they are. It looks like an advert for CK or something equally as punk. Im so pleased with how they turned out but let me say that this young couple are not an act - he absolutely adores her.

Anyway, Mandy has more workshops coming up and you simply must attend them - they are so much fun. I didn't want to leave mandy's fabulous event, house and family at first but the beck and call of the devonshire coastline was calling me.
I set off for Little Cottage crafts in the heart of a stunning village setting in near Georgeham. I arrived with no voice to meet Tracie, her hub and two gorgous sons. Alison Docherty and Tigger were there and we met up with some more uk scrappers when we went out for a pub meal including Debbie Jewell. Chit chit chatting was fun, bit of a late night and very little sleep ready for todays classes in a brilliantly bright conservatory. I taught an exploding box using Joyful papers from Ki, a match book and 3 cards before a scrummy hot and cold buffet. I took 8 session photos with some of the students in the afternoon and also some of tracies boys (total skater dudes).

Tracies students came away with lots of projects - I was amazed. You have to go to her next big thing planned for May - watch out on her website for details.
And finally, have you seen how scrummy these two women are? This is Fiona Beckman and Tracie Hudson ... I know so many gorgous scrappers you know.

And Mandy Parr? I'll get you next time, love xx


Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Oooh la la - my photo up for all the world to see pmsl! Great to see you again yesterday hun. Loved your class - dh is well impressed with the exploding box and wants them made for everyone at crimbo :D Did your missing jewellery turn up? I nearly wept for you when Tracie said it was lost :( Hope all lost things are found ((((hugs)))

Beckie said...

Wow! you sure sound like you had fun! FAbby photos ... so when ya coming to Ireland to take some!! LOL!!

D@nielle said...

wow some amazing photo's again ! And please watch your health, you're racing through life here with a bad cold ..... Take care of yourself in between all the fun !

Mel said...

Glad you had a great time. Hope the voice returns soon. Mel xx

bonnette said...

Again great pics Kirsty... you're such a pro ...
Take care of your health, you 'sound' terrible !!

Roz Roz said...

sounds like you had a brilliant weekend, photos are scrummy, but that wallpaper is bloody gorgeous.

Tracie H said...

WOW! Kirsty how fab are the piccies of Mandys DD and her BF???? They are so guys look awesome and I adore the images soooo much. Thank you for a wonderful 24 hours, most of which were spent awake! Everyone loved the classes and wanted more more get the next one sorted soon eh?
{{Hugs}} Txxx

Tigger's rambling said...

Hi Kirsty, It was great meeting you and I can't wait to see my photo's. Looking forward to meeting you again at crafteire. I hope your feeling a bit better {{{HUGS}}}


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