Ladies Camera Club

20 Dec 2006

Anita and I bought everything in Wigan....... don't go shopping there. Its all gone - in either our bellies or bags.
Seriously, that woman can shop. I say that within 1.5 hours she had gotten everything and more plus a bit of a supermarket sweep at Marks and Sparks. A trail blaze of molten lava lay in her wake with women in the queue's having more hot flushes than normal (and believe me - ain't that the thing with Mark and Spark customers whose average age is 45). I LOVE Marks - they have the best food and knickers ever. So from the best shop in the UK to the best value shop in the UK ... the wonders that is Primark. OMG. Have you seen what I got for my money? I love instant gratification on a teeny budget. Little things like this make me happy.

And then these little wooden hearts that I buy from a shop in Wigan called The Bluehouse. It sells the most delish furniture and knick-knacks plus a massive range of East Of India Products. I must have been a magpie in a previous life to love such little trinkets.

I have three more things to buy plus party food for mark's 40th. We have both our immediate families attending plus a few tag-a-longer's. This means dips, chips and stuff to make hips as wide as the english channel. I cannot find a plain iced cake for him so Im thinking of doing a cupcake stack with lavender icing. Trouble is I can't find any fresh lavender sprigs so any suggestions for altenatives would be great. Do they have Lavender essence in shops at all? Wouldn't it be great that if they didn't have this in the shops that someone would make it - I love lavender icing.
Another invention idea I had with Anita this afternon is Sanitising spray. If nobody does it I want to go on the "The Dragons Den" to present the idea to them. Let it be said here first though bloggers unless of course this stuff exists. Ok - reason for sanitising spray? Well public toilets for starters. How many do you visit and find them completely in a state of sewerage? I love to visit loo's where there are seat covers or attached sprays to help keep you germ free when you spend that wee penny ... (tee hee!!!). But wouldnt it be great if you could have a handbag sized spray to keep about you to blast those pesky stinky germs into infection heaven when you next go and attempt to hover over that infested stink pit of a public bog? Girls on nights out, old grannies and those with a lavvy OCD would buy these for sure. So come and sign my petition and get some fat cat pharmaceutical company to make them NOW!
Im off to go and make a 40th B'day card for hubbly and the last of my family's crimbo cards. Are you all excited yet? I soooooooooo totally am (well, after the marathon that is "wrapping presents" is over)


Corinnexxx said...

ooooh I just adore the little hearts you got! glad you are almost done for x-mas!


Brigitta said...

I LOVE your idea of the Sanitising Spray, I'll sign your petition No Problem, Anita can do it for me!!1 Please send her my love!!!

Ann(i)e said...

hope you have a lovely relaxing christmas!!!

D@nielle said...

that little purse is soo cute, I got me a satin chinese purse at the toy store for 3 euro's for in my stocking ! And those hearts are darling, somehow it doesn't surprise met Anita can get all her shopping done in an hour and a half ...... Hope all the food & drink preparations go well !

BondGirl said...

dont mean to burst your bubble hun but you can already buy santising spray :S no millions for you there.

How lovely is that tape measure?? I love the saying on it.

Tina said...

Well they do say it's 'less bother with a hover', but I think a sanitising spray is a cracking idea!

Have a great party! (from another Scrapper whose DH is 40 this week too!).

Roz Roz said...

OMG, i love those hearts, please get some for me, pretty please.

marije said...

oohhh the slocks! Love the hearts too :)

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