Ladies Camera Club

11 Nov 2006

We took a trip

today to a place that we hold dear. Not only to see our old stomping ground (stafford) and reminisce like old fools but to pay a visit to Karen, Nick and Jack - our holiday and sunbed buddies from August. I love it when freinds can meet up again and take off from where they left without the pregnant pauses and uncomfortable silences.
Jack had a cricket practice and Nick had a Hockey match so we went along to support them. Here is Ellie actually making conversation with Jacks Grandpa - a very strange "do" with Ellie as you have to be with her for hours before she actually gives you eye contact. I loved that he was so patient with her and that she shared all our secrets with him (hope the bank account details remained locked up in that wee head of yours, belle!)
Whilst at the sports venue I got to meet some of karens lovely freinds who got to hear I take photo's. Without them even looking at my repertoire I had two bookings taken there and then - if only it was that easy every day! The whole scene of random people gathered together with no common interest was exhilerating - I wish our weekends were filled with this all the time. We finished the evening for a pub meal where these two crazy kids had their heads dug into a gameboy a piece and no moaning or whinging (thankfully these two kids are bereft of this everyday childhood trait - but sometimes they can be such a pain in the rectum, right?).
Thanks to the Leese's for a great day - I know they read my blog. Nick seems to think that I scrop and blag all day long but it's simply not true. I do it all night long as well ;) I'd check your microwave again guys - we took a short detour past your house ont he way back and also say goodbye to the Doulton pieces you thought you liked the look of too (ransom of £2 a piece should do!! - mwahahahahahahahaha).
Im off on a shoot tomorrow but in this wind I think its going to be a case of watery eyes, pink cheeks and lots of leaves!
How is the weather with you?
**edited to add - Kirsty has just landed an iMac bad boy for a cool shaving off the original price. Im totally clueless when it comes to a Mac but I hear its the mutts nuts for speed, efficiency and graphic design. Will keep you posted, big guns**


bookit said...

Woohooo!!! congrats on the mac...go for it girlie!! you NEED it!!! love ellies hair, i used to have mine like that when i was a kid :)

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

kaptured by his eyes indeed! That one's gonna be a heartbreaker and a half! What a fab photo.

fgeegf said...

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