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12 Nov 2006

Treasure Huntin'

I went on my first Geo Cache today with Marko and Belle. We travelled around Wigan on our quest to find these fun little things. I mentioned there are only 5 within a 5 mile radius of our house. It turns out there are 30. From small 35mm film canisters to great big ammo boxes. Our findings today were teeny - and we were rather hoping on landing the bling booty of all looty. But all this 35mm film roll had in it was a teeny pencil, a pencil sharpener, a rubber and a sign in page!!! I sometimes wonder how Kinder eggs manage small toys in a teeny space but these things amaze me! We had so much fun though and its not all about the loot, its about the time we spent cracking codes and physically finding the caches!
We took a small walk along a canal and took in the last of autumns richness. These barges looked a little unloved so I took a picture of them to let them know I cared (lord help me!) Ellie walked a while without her pushchair. I think taking her mind off that stroller helps encourage her to try a little but harder. All this talk of treasure is driving her excited mind round the twistels.
The days are getting shorted in daylight hours and before long wee were back home doing our own thing. mark watching the footy, Im editing photos and Belle is cracking more educational computer games. She managed one last night - from start to finish in 1 hour and is currently going for the record on her PC right now.
Talking of PC's, has anyone got any advice on the transition between a PC and a Mac? All this Mac OS and Safari and such is making me go crazy. Ive been told that Dells top of the range laptop is just as good and I need some convincing!
You know what Im like, bloggers. And stop tutting at me!


juliemdoyle said...

sounds like you had a good day.My bil does geo caching and loves it. Kate got a mac book for uni and loves it as they use apple pc's.She says she wouldn't go back to anything else.Not a clue what you are talking about but sure there must be plenty of peeps who do.
julie x

Lisa said...

when i was doig my a levels (graphic design and mutimedia) it was all done on macs (only 3 years ago!!), personally i prefer PC's the macs were very unreliable and unstable, there were often 2 or 3 out of use. everything is back to front on them and compatibilty is always an issue. PC's seem a lot more stable and i love the Dell PC i have at the moment! I think it would also be easier upgrading PC componests graphics cards etc than it would be with a mac

bookit said...

all pc's run on windows..and it is the operating system like windows or tiger that make or break the ease for the user. mac just operates more logical. if you don't know how to do something on a mac, just think of the most logical may (drag and drop or copy and paste) and it will most probably work that way. i held back from moving over to a mac for over a year but DH convinced me to go mac. i was worried i wouldn't be able to use all my regular programs or messenger etc...but i can..and they run so much better. but where the mac really SHINES is in photo editing software. no rendering time, instant conversions and so much power.
you know what they say...once you go mac, you won't go back. i'm totally converted!!!!
it took me about a week where i was complaining about not being able to do stuff on my mac after buying it. my problem was after years of using a pc...i was still thinking like a pc user. give yourself one week and you will wonder why you never went mac earlier!

Ann(i)e said...

Go MAC my dear...I grew up on Macs and although I have a PC now....I would LOVE to get back to my roots (so to speak!)
On second thought...don't get one before me....hehe...I would be too jealous!

Jen said...

Thanks to your post the other day, Wayne and I looked up the geo caching website, and I think he's hooked! We looked at Jamaica, and he was all excited about the places were stuff was hidden. I think we may be converts soon.... Love the pics. The little boy from yesterday has amazing eyes. And Elle la Belle looks so happy.

Sarah said...

We just got a Mac at work! I would recommend getting the Mac book for Dummies! It has helped us out no end! I love the Mac and love finding new things with it every day! Good luck!

Erin said...

I totally agree with what Anita said - I switched to a Mac just over a year ago and it will take a lot to get me to switch back. Everything just works together so well. I didn't used to like Macs, my grandparents have had one longer than me, like Lisa I thought they were a bit unreliable, but the latest versions of their operating system really swung it for me. I adore it, I work with Windows computers and that's a chore but using my Mac is a real joy.

I don't normally comment on blogs but I just love my Mac and I felt compelled to comment!!

Erin (ezziestar on UKS)

Sally said...

I'm a great Mac Lover. Was using a Mac when PC's were still pressing F5, F6 etc, whilst I was wizzing round the page with a click of the mouse. (luckily it was my job and had state of the art Mac). Didn't think I would ever get used to a PC, but I have, thanks to Windows. Would still lurve a Mac at home.

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