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6 Nov 2006

Trash Book Breakdown

I promised some time ago to show you each page of the Trash Book that I created for Emily's workshop and the Luxurious Angels retreat. This is also for Debbie who bagged herself a kit too. I designed this book in my head on holiday back in August and to actually see it come into fruition was exhilarating - and best of all each page came out exactly as I planned in my head. The whole point of this book is to make it out of stuff you would normally chuck in the trash. To recreate it yourself you will need:
2 pieces of 6x6 corrugated box walls
2 pieces of bazzill - one black and one grey at 6x6
1 extra piece of black bazzill at 6x6
1 CD case
1 paperbag
1 CD plastic wallet
2 sheets of acetate at 6x6
Blonde Moments papers
Red bazill cards for accents
Black acrylic paint
Black embroidery floss
8 eyelets
If you want to teach this at one of your own retreats, please do so but the images below are copyright. Please do not use my own personal images and always remember (not just for my sake) that credit shuld always be given for lifts - thank you x
The front cover has had some of the box wall stripped to reveal the corrugated pattern. Edge each page in black paint on both sides of the cardboard. Do the same with the other piece which will act as your back cover. Decorate the front page as you wish and line the reverse how you wish.

The next "page" is two sheets of acetate at 6x6. Paint with black on the edges on both sheets, one side only. As no glue on the market is good or invisible enough to bond, I have taken a piece of Blonde Moments paper and lined it up centrally. To secure, use eyelets either side of the corners to set in place. Tie with floss to decorate.
The next page is made from two sheets of bazzill in two colours. To get the curl effect, I scored into the black card like slicing a cake however I used about 16 sections as opposed to the general 8. Roll back those thin triangular shapes to get the curl effect. Slot a photo behind and adhere the bazzill together to make a page.
The next page is a CD that has had two holes bored into it. THESE ARE GREAT (I intend to make a whole book with CD's as pages - they look good and hold so much inside too). Line the Cd with Black bazzill on the inside, but do not glue down. I attached a photo of me to the black bazzill and journalled behind so that when you flip the CD as a page, you see it. I also scored into the CD to frame my face using a cutting knife.
The next page is a paper bag cut to 6x6. I cut from the open edge as I wanted to keep the block bottom. Paint the edges with black paint and decorate as desired. The final page is a CD plastic wallet which I scored eyelet holes onto the open edge to make anothe page to slot photos and jounalling into.

The back cover was made similar to the front cover.
NOTES: Your CD with the bored holes will act as a template to score the holes into the rest of your pages. Also make sure your tie wraps (which act as bind rings) have a generous loop to allow the pages to flip. PHEW! That was hard going.

And finally, for Anso more than anything this is a project I made out of felt and sizzix shapes. It's for storing needles and pins. I cut 4 "tags" from the sizix range with my felt and cross stitched together to bind. I also cut some sizzix flowers with the co-ordinating felt and attached with glue. I threaded some buttons and attached the buttons to the flowers. I actually have to stitch the word "Needles" to the front but it's not raining today - it's being put by for that special occasion ;)


Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

briliant Kirsty - thanks! I might actually get this book finished now LOL!

Can't waot to see what classes you're teaching at the Little Cottage Crafts crop - looking forward to more of your fab ideas :D

Missy said...

ooohhh I love the book Kirsty. What a great treasure to have.

Ann(i)e said...

scrummy album babe....gorgeous photo of you in it!!
I LOVE the photo you've posted from our shoot....I have been pouring over the proofs, trying to make some decisions!!!

Beth said...

I love this book. Still have a little to do on mine.

Roz Roz said...

Kirsty, I was at both of these classes and they where both fantastic, the book is brilliant, and I will finish mine off and send you the images of the completed work. I'm also so gonna lift the needles idea off you, mwahahahaaahha

tjc designs Craft Cabin Blog said...

WOW-that is soo good - greatuse of usually disposed off things - and what a memory to keep your little girls words are very similar tomy daughter's and that is such a treasure to hold on too!

Happy Crafting Wishes

Traci x

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