Ladies Camera Club

8 Nov 2006


Remember the Hermit Crab debate?
Well, yesterday, Spike had commited the most selfish act and has left Shelly to mourn in the tank alone. I fed these wee creatures in the morning and watched them shuffle around the tank for a minute as I picked each one up individually to take a close inspection (love their little eyes, I do). I then set about my daily business for the rest of the day. yawn. Well, not yawn really because Ive been taking a break from things and getting on with home stuff - exhilaratingly boring and dull yet essential.
That evening we had a visit from Lauren who came to do some storyboards for homework (My stash room is a gold mine for Laurens homework these days!). Upon her arrival, Ellie wanted to show Lauren her collection of Hermit Crabs. So off into the kitchen they trotted as I scanned Laurens homework for clues in the hall way. A concerned Lauren shouted that Spike was indeed homeless and most worryingly - still. I ran to the tank and inspected it close. Spike had left his shell and was laying flat on his back, making like a stiff. I prodded him with my prodder just to see if he was trying to be "the comedian" (some animals do that, don't they ... the little sods) but no laughs were heard. Alas, he was gone, into crustacian heaven along with Sebastian from The Little Mermaid and countless Lobsters we have masticated over the years. Ellie didn't even cry, she was more bothered that Shelly was all alone and we intend to replace Spike once we have got over our grief. We gave him a dignified sending off in a tesco carrier bag and put him in the bin. Bye spike and RIP. It would have been easier to handle had he left a suicide note saying why. Grrrrrrr. You don't get insurance payout on suicide do you? I could have done with £15,000 too.
I should warn you - this video was taken in portrait and I can't swizz it to landscape. watch this only if you have a healthy neck!

Not long after, Lauren and I had wizzed through her homework and at the halfway point we awarded ourselves a cup of tea and a penguin biscuit. I asked lauren had she tried biting the top and bottom off one and sucking her tea through the penguin biscuit? I believe this is a ritual amongts our Aussie freinds with their beloved Tim Tams. Lauren was game and the result of which is on this little video here. I was crying with laughter and yes, I did call Lauren a minger because it was a rather disgusting act of penguin death and perhaps a law should be made for children to attempt this abismal cruelty after age 16 (unless their parents don't mind, which Laurens don't becuase they are as bonkers as us).
Finally - here is a snippet of something I have made for a fashion show at the NEC using AMM couture papers. I also made matching flip flops. I can't wait to see them on the model (think size 10, think thin, think I AM NOT!!).

Have a great evening, day, morning (depending on your locality) my sweet bloggers x


ScoobyLou said...

EW..... dead crabs and floating choccie biccies - what are you like hon - love the flowers they look stunning and hope you get a replacement crabby for Ellie :)

Lou (Scoobylou) x

juliemdoyle said...

that was really minging but funny. Love the flowers, want the flowers and might have to rob the flowers. Have a good time at nec.
julie xxx

amber jane said...

Poor Spike - hermit crab sucide seems to be a common thing unfortunately ! I adore the flowers by the way - that skirt looks fab :D

joanna said...

Oooh, all those blossoms look bloomin' delish, darl' - really stunning. Now that penguin, on the other hand, looked like a floating t*rd. Sorry to be so crude, but it did. And I can't believe that selfish bl**dy crab committed suicide; poor Shelly :(

Tracey said...

I always knew there was something strange about you Kirsty - obviously it's the company you keep. Sucking up tea through a pengiun...?! Those 'blooms' look 'lush' - would pinch them through cyber space if I could...(?!)

Oh, and I'm so sorry for your loss!

Stephanie Foster said...

It works really well with chocolate fingers :D


Jenn said...

cute flowers:) Sorry for your loss

Beckie said...

Try sucking through a cadburys choccie finger! Delish!!!! Beats Tim Tams anyday!!
Can't wait to see the fashion item in action, looks way cool!
Maybe see you there??

Suzanne said...

looks lush (the flowery thing not the dead crabs lol!) Hopefully will get chance to see more of the same at the NEC on Friday.

bookit said...

oh yes...i HAVE to get my hands on some penguins!!!!

ski said...

I believe that is to be a demonstartion sport at the London Olympic in 2012, you should start training now. (Thats drinking teas through a pengiun not hermit crab suicides)

Anonymous said...

I am from the National Association of Hermit Crabs and am inundated with grief that you slaughtered them. Everyone knows that the only crabs in your kitchen should be on a sarnie.
Imagine shelling out on a new home and then being murdered only for the murderer to bite a penguins head and legs off before drowning it. Mrs W I despair.

To think Mark wanted a Jack Russell Puppy.

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!! Stick wid your Pot Pourri Kirsty

By the way I live on my own, must be a hermit!!



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