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13 Nov 2006

One cup of ovaltine a day can make you fatter?

Because thats what he NHS think. I have paid my NI contributions every month from the age of 16 to invest in such schemes. Ive not needed them so much, to be honest, but Ellie has. So comes an appointment today to see a dietician (on the recomendation of a school GP who thinks Ellies weight is more of an issue that her muscle problems... whatever). We gets there and she takes Ellies weight and height and plots them on a chart. They are way off the scale as usual and nothing new to us. We know she is smaller and lighter than your average 10 year old. Yawn. Lets get talking, shall we? Dietician writes into account Ellies food intake. Its pretty fabulous for a child who is so underweight. Our child eats 6 times a day and all the right food groups. Full fat milk for breakfast with cereal, mid morning snack, lunch at school with full fat milk, afternoon snack, after school snack with full fat milk (and we are talking fromage fraise or sausage roll, peperami, ham sandwiches for snacks, not crips etc), a tea consisting of ground beef, onions, mushrooms, gravy with pasta and carrots plus supper if she fancies it plus full fat milk. She is not a massive fruit or veg fan but she gets enough. This child simply does not put weight on and the dieticians answer to this? Try an ovaltine for supper and lower her Lurpak butter intake to Bertoli (olive oil spread) and come back in January. I can tell her now she wont put as much as 2oz on. I know my child and her capabilities more than any Doctor could.
Now cancel that dietician appointment and swap it for a muscle examination or an appointment to give her physio and I wouldn't be complaining. It was a waste of time. I know my child eats little and often and is underweight - you just have to figure out why, not ply her with a drink before bed. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Isnt this a waste of time? A morning off school, a dietician appointment spent on telling me that ovaltine can make her fatter and a pissed off morma. Recipe for a box of jaffa cakes and a cup of tea, I reckon


amber jane said...

Sometimes I wonder at the "professionals" that we have to listen too about our own kids - hun trust your instincts you know that wonderful little girl of yours the best xxx

Jennie said...

Sounds like frustration with a capital "F" !!

Who drinks Ovaltine, anyway, it's disgusting!!

Love your barge photos, very colourful.

Jen said...

OOh yum I love Ovaltine (sorry Jennie!). But seriously, I'm sorry you had a wasted journey. I don't know any good dietitians, to be honest :( I hope you can get some answers soon..... HUGS

Kelly said...

sending huge hugs hunny, i know how useless these doctors can be and do hope you get the answer soon xxxxx

Èadaoin said...

I reckon a mums verdict on their kids is better than a doctors ever would be!
Keep it up Kirsty! and save some jaffas for fave biccies :)
-Miniflan :)

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