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28 Nov 2006

look at her - poor lamb **edited**

My belle is just such a poorly bean. She woke up at 11 am this morning and I gave her a bath. 5 minutes after drying off she was back asleep until 2pm. That was when she had something to drink. I couldn't rouse her during these sleep times. Oh I do worry :( My emotional stability has only been further enhanced after receiving some incredibly sad news this morning. Life is so cruel. Why do horrible things happen to such wonderful people?
Anyway, she has perked up a bit now but she is just nibbling on dry bread but slurping milk like its going out of fashion. I gave her this to cheer her up. Eleanor from Southport (Snipper from UKS - have you seen her gallery... OMG!!!) sent Belle this wee wash mit and flannel. Ellie loves it and Im quite taken too. Thank you from one Ellie to another xx
She also, quite naughtily, sent me some of these printed scissiors. How freaking cool are these? I saw Ells at the retreat this weekend. As a teacher you get to nosey at what everyone has on their workspace and it gives me ideas on what to buy! But when I saw these I knew I had to have them. Sadly the shop where she buys them don't have a chain in our area and I cried my eyes out. Well actually I didn't cry my eyes out but I think she saw the sorrow in my dark eyes. She may well have took it as a hint (secretly Im quite glad) but I feel rotten now because that wasn't my intention (or was it??!! Mwahahahahhahaha) Well anyway - she sent me TWO sets - its making me itch to get scrapping again.
Whilst I was at the retreat Carol (Hysteri-Cal) from UKS brought me this adorable teapot and cup set. Now I do LOVES me tea and Earl Grey you know but for these women to go out of their way to make such special gestures is beyond me. I sit here in wonder at their kindness ... I truly do. Ive used it 3 times now and in it is enough for two cups of slurpable tea
And finally for Petre.. the canvas. I didnt paint the ink on - I splattered it on top of the distress inks and it looks little like blood. I did the same with the black. Here is a close up for you!!!

**Edited about the scissors. They are from a range of shops called Dunelm Mills. the store locator link is just here. I bet the rush will cause a sell out. Thank Ellie, girls!!**


Erin (ezziestar) said...

Those scissors are amazing, where are they from?

tjc designs Craft Cabin Blog said...

Kiesha & I send loads of get well wishes to Belle - Kiesha said "Mum she looks so sad!" (Bless our adorable children!) Hope you cheer up too - bad and sad things happen and it's tough going - give yourself time to grieve and then remeber that there is good that happens too x

Happy Crafting Wishes

Traci x

Scrappy Nina said...

OMG!! I HAVE to have me some of those scissors!! From whence did they came??????

Get Well Soon Ellie :)!!

Tracey said...

Hope all are well soon in the Wiseman house. You lucky duck - those scissors look brill!

Canvas also looks very interesting - will we be seeing the 'bigger picture' on your blog any time soon?

Jennie said...

Kirsty, sorry Belle is still feeling rough, and of course your news this morning was awful. I mean it was expected, but none the less we feel so sad when it happens. I'll be thinking about Anita, and Joanne's family for some time, especially her children. Keep strong hun!!

Corinnexxx said...

cool scissors, lucky girl to get spoiled like that! and I do like that canvas!

corinnexxx who is sad too.

pigglet said...

hope you are all feeling better soon, i am off work with flu symptoms so understand how grotty belle must be feeling. i just wanted to say how much the polar bear joke cheered me up, first time i have laffed in 3 days.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are all feeling a bit better
I loved the pictures! they are great and so chriastmassy!
Did a number get chosen or did I miss it?
Well take care,
Claire. XXX

Heather said...

Aw, get well soon, Belle.

ScoobyLou said...

What a day of ups and downs for you both honey, hope Belle is feeling 100% soon and we are all sad at Anita's loss - such a time of year too so very heart wrenching - you certainly celebrate the joy of you daughter and you deserve all the scrummy gifts, there is a Dunelm down the road from me - a trip to Dunstable me thinks at the weekend Lou xx

Elliebags said...

Oh my golly gosh, mentioned on a blog (or is that 'in' not 'on'). How exciting.
You are most welcome chuckles. And Elliebelle too.
Pamper yourselves.
Sharing in your sadness. :(

bonnette said...

wannahaves... that's how I call these scissors!

Bonnette who too is sad

D@nielle said...

the siccors are fab ! Hope Belle will be better soon !

fgeegf said...

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