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1 Nov 2006

Layouts to share

This weekend I bought a Dasher collection pack. I don't often buy them but this kit has the lot. So far I have made 5 layouts and a card and here are 3 of them. Love BG I do. The top layout (christmas 2005) I used the tags in the kit as baubles. Sometimes those tags are so flipping uselss and then all of a sudden there is a call for them. Then the wonkey photographed one (sorry) is "Snow Fun". I love the bling on this. heidi sure knows how to make fab blossoms but by gosh she also knows how to make fab gems. My favourite, I think, is the one called "He dotes on her" The black and the green work really well plus these two people in the layout are two of my fave people. Little people are nice and they play nice and Im glad I have them to scrap as part of Ellie's heritage.
There has been a recent debate about why people scrap and how commercial scrapping has become. I really think its all a matter of taste and style - you choose to buy what you want and when you want. Basic Grey dont come knocking on my door forcing me to buy. My own personal weakness makes me do that! Nobody has set the rules for what you should do and how you should do it either. Art is subjective and selective and opinions don't mean a thing if you are comfortable with what you are doing. It does concern me though when scrapping gets blasted for losing the meaning. How can it? You get a photo, you lay it on a page and add a few words. Thats scrapping. You don't have to scrap to please everyone else because its not their album you are filling. Its your own and you can scrap your albums how you jolly well please. Your own personal crusade should not be marred by all of this recent jabbering .
Make like a Beautiful South tune and "Carry on regardless" :)


Suebaru said...

Ooooh, yum, love your Lo's! Now I neeed some of that paper....

Missy said...

Whoa my friend, 3 fantabulous pages. Love the detail on all of them....and I get weak at the knees for BG as well.

Pam said...

Hi kirsty, love the picture of Ellie on halloween- she looks so fab, you've got me intrigued about the dares, and of course I love all those yummy pages you made at the retreat. So happy to have met you, cause you are just as lovely IRL as you come across on this blog and UKS - and you are right about scrapping- just do it!

Jo said...

"carry on regardless"......theme of my life hahahaha!
love the layouts, you are one clever girly:)

Jo said...

carry on regardless....theme of my life!!!!
love the are one clever girly!!...:)

juliemdoyle said...

think I am going to have to get some of that paper.Love Ellies costume and glad she got lots of goodies.
julie x

Roz Roz said...

Layouts are stunning, saw them IRL and loved them, you must let us see what you do with the rest of the packet. and carry on regardless.

joanna said...

Oh yum, Kirstles; I absolutely love the layout of you and Marky-Mark, but they're all fab. I love that Beautiful South song; it's how I live my life!! xx

Corinnexxx said...

can;t wait to have my own package on my doorsteps these lo's look great!


Angela said...

Fab LO's Kirsty, love them!!!

Sherri said...

Awesome pages! Love the mix of everything. Oh and your DD is RAD as a witch!


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