Ladies Camera Club

20 Nov 2006


No -
I am double that.
Im fatigued.
Im well nourished ;).
Im scrapped out.
Upon my return, I discovered that Mark had gutted to garage to make a studio for me. Kitchen is an absolute tip, the lounge is crammed with garage stuff, there are bags to unpack, Im dead thirsty, really busy, deadlines to do by tomorrow but most of all.... I'M HAPPY.
Dutch scrappers certainly know their stuff - they are a breed of fabulous designers and I got to mingle in their wisdom. I soaked it up and Im buzzing with enthusiasm.
Im so tired right now that I can't muster the energy to upload a photo but here's one that I nicked off Corinne's blog (Mwah, dank u wel).
I have a tonne of photos from this weekend to share with you so tune in later to see the winner of the kit and some fun shots of these fab girls.


Corinnexxx said...

Hi my FRIEND! yes that sure sounds good to me too! I adored you so much and I had as much fun as you did on this little get to gether. I hope you will be a part next year too. Mwah back at ya!


flo said...

glad you made it home safe.

it was wonderful - and it was absolutely delightful to meet you!!! but best thing was making 7 new friends :-)

Birgit said...

Heehee, did we have fun!!! It was sooo nice to meet you! Hope to see you again soon, somehow :)

bookit said...

we SURE did have an amazing time!!! so glad you made it and pencil in the next year weekend already!

Sharon said...

Glad you had a fab time - and hope you will pass on some of your new found scrap knowledge in your mini monologues to us scrappers x x x

Jo said...

Hi Bird...You are sooooo funny!!

What an amazing photographer and such an artisic talent. Most of all though you are an inspiring woman and such a genuine human being.....priviledge to get to know you!
oh..."Bonnetta are you betta are you well well well"!!!....loves yer!

Paula said...

Welcome back. :)

bonnette said...

Hi Roomy ! I had a great time too, the only negative point was: it was TO SHORT !
Hope to see you again SOON! In the meantime TAKE CARE !
A big hug from bonehead.....

fgeegf said...

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