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10 Nov 2006

Kirsty needs the bad boy

listen, you hear?
We are not "rolling" around in the proverbial dosh but I like to save my business pennies and saved up hard they have been. So now Im looking into getting the baddest of the mean boys - the Mac pro, for my on the road shoots. Who knows who does good deals on these? Or do I wait til Feb for Mark to bring one back from the States?And do these hunky things have the equiv of a PC wi-fi? Answers on a Basic Grey sheet of Dasher to my usual address.

Also the dare s'up. This was tricky. Using one colour to scrap with and voting to scrap in turquoise I had a wee job. I had to rely on texture such as hand cut and hand stitched felt flowers, buttons, paint etc. The picture that I scrapped was my fake converse boots (which I stitched "fake" onto one afternoon when I was bored). I broke the rules a little as I added hot pink buttons. But they match my boots so its not like Im in big trouble right?

Gah, its only art..... not cricket!!!


joanna said...

OMG, Ed is going to die of jealousy when you get your hands on that bad boy; seriously, check the bushes outside your house, because he will be up to 'nap your 'puter!! I absolutely LOVE your dare layout - gorgeous colour combo, and I deffo think you're allowed to use the hot pink button!!

bookit said...

you go firl..mac is the way to go!!!! the only problem with the black one is it costs a lot more money just to have black..and, it shows greasy finger prints very badly! it has a built in you literally just turn it on and it detects wi-fi networks in the area. no fiddling or faffing...mac does it all for you! if you need any questions answering about the mac...get in touch, having made the transition myself from pc to mac i can fill you in! they are cheaper in the states, usually the equivalent in dollars.
they are just PERFECT for doing proofing sessions as you literally drag ond drop the photos and viola!!!...a slide show with music and everything in seconds!!!!!next week you can have a play with mine :)

scrappyfairy said...

loved the dares this week - loved playing along -
all good fab clean fun!


Ms. E said...

I have a friend in California who bought his (Silver) Mac Powerbook here in the UK??? Not sure why really as I would have thought that it's cheaper out there. Anyway, he was upgrading from an old clamshell notebook and has found the keys much smaller... but likes that it's small and light. It has Wi-fi. What an exciting thing to buy... I love technology! :) I liked your post about GSM too... got me thinking, might have to get one!!! :D


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