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10 Nov 2006

Geo Caching

What the fudge?
This is Marko's new thang. Its treasure hunting with a GPS and its bloody brilliant fun. Our Ellie is mesmerised by it and its the new black in walking. It sure is...... uh huh!
Mark obtained a GPS some years ago. He never thought anything about it for ages until his mate mentioned had he tried geo caching? OK - Im a dumbstruck as you but hang on .... this is good stuff.
All over the world there are members of the Geo Caching who hide ammo boxes/hard wearing units to conceal little trinkets and a book to sign upon its discovery. Its all based on trust provided you can crack the clues using yor GPS system. the boxes are hidden in places where there is something pleasant about the area - such as a fantastic view or at the foot of a pretty valley or stream. Mark has discovered about 18 so far and there are 5 within a 5 mile radius of our house alone. AND there are hundreds in Lancashire so there are lots to discover for fun trips out.
You log onto the geo cache website, type in an area you are visiting and it will give you clues to how many caches are hidden. This is only for those with a GPS remember - these caches cannot be found with the human eye or simply by accident.
The other week he took my parents and Belle to find one and in it was a little plastic dog. Well Ellie thought it was real treasure and ever since she has been putting by little trinkets and toys in readiness for the swap in the next cache find. In place of the plastic dog, mark left a pen that my father had from his old work (HM Coastguard) and the trcik is to sign that you have discovered the cache and have swapped a "treasure" inside. Not all caches have "treasure". Some are virtual sites where you find a relic or stone (stonehenge is one - but its not obvious that its stonehenge until you crack the code). They are some in almost every country - isn't it all exciting or am I boring you? Sorry!!
Also there are things hidden inside called a "Travel Bug". Mark has just bought one. The trick with that is to place one in a box either in the UK or abroad. The next person who finds the box takes it with them and they will plant it in another box and so on. It could take years to get back but wherever it goes, the honest finder logs the travel bugs new location and we can keep a track of it online. Fancy starting Lancashire and finishing in Sri Lanka? It could happen!
The question is - Do I need to get out more?
NO! This is (almost) FREE fun. You need to invest in a GPS (£70) and they are great for days out. Lots of walking and fresh air with the quizzing and cracking of codes plus the thrill of discovery. We are about to make our own cache and hide it in an area we hold dear, we have to think of a name for it and fill it with someting for the next cache finder to keep. Am not thinking of Ki memories rub ons or Karen Foster papers !!!
Will keep you posted and tell me if you are a geo cacher!


Anonymous said...

This GPS thing sound brill for the guy who has everything...def a crimbo idea there, cheers.
Love the fashion show too. Wish I was going the the NEC now.


Ann(i)e said...

Must say, that skirt is FABULOUS!! Really so yummy.
Now that you are home I hope you are working nonstop on editing my photos......hehehehe!!!

Jennie said...

I think Geo caching sounds fab, and I wish my DH would find something like that to do, I'd love all those compulsory trips abroad!!

Kirsty, don't forget to send me your e-mail addie for that photo!

ski said...

My whole family love caching (SKIBUMSUK)thats us, brilliant to get the kids out in the fresh air walking without them realising its actually good for them.

We have our own cache as well and a travel bug, Little Yellow Duck

Emma Watters said...

That GPS thing sounds so much fun! Love the idea of yomping round the countryside finding treasure!

Claire said...

My parents are geocachers :). I've done a few with them but don't have my own GPS

Claire said...

My parents are geocachers - i've been with them a few times too :). Hope you all enjoy it

Gwyn said...

Another geocacher here. I was so tempted to bring our GPS when I was in the UK this summer with People to People, but dh and I decided this was something to do as a togetherness thing. We have 34 caches now. His brother and his wife have something like 1650! They are a bit obsessed, no?

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