Ladies Camera Club

14 Nov 2006

Explosion in the craft room

I have made so much stuff today!! In my bid to lay off so much surfing I have been getting down and dirty in the craft room (well, I did actually have a spell on two peas - Hi Gwyn and hello Robyn (who is not a pea but a ha-pea american lady xx.) Gotta love that 2pea board!) I have been making exploding boxes and exploding boxes and exploding boxes, cards, ATC's and a mess. I am teaching exploding boxes everywhere these next few weeks using a really great range of papers. I first saw these boxes a year ago on 2peas and always wanted to to give them a go. What pushed me was the lovely one that scrapdolly did a few weeks back using BG Fusion. So for Sarahs one day workshop Im using really vibrant papers and for both Mod Scraps and Lil Cottage Crafts Im using some incredibly more vibrant christmassy papers.
Ive held back on CKK for the 9th Dec as I think its time to take a few weeks off before I start teaching again in January. CKK day will be in February and will be held here in Wigan. A max of 50 spaces for ladies wanting to do projects that I have designed myself and a willing teacher who can make it in February ... go on volunteer your services. There will be 2 projects, lunch, a shop, snacks/beverages and a photo session. This course will benefit girls who own DSLR's. Teaching creative photography is difficult with compact owners. You will get the opportunity to print out your favourite picture whilst there and scrap it for a page in a BOM - a subject I hold fiercely to my heart.
There is one place left at Sarahs workshop in Northwich, Cheshire with 3 projects to take home complete. Please bag yourself the last place and come join us on the 25th November.
There are a couple of spaces left at Mod Scraps in Bristol on 2nd Dec. Come along and meet Giselle Homer and myself as we take on the Bristol gang with a feast of christmas spirit and vigour. Im also going to give half an hours worth of photography tips whilst I am there plus take snaps of the students should they wish. I was on the phone to Mandy tonight and conversation is always a million miles an hour. Its with Mandy that I am planning a dual convention next year in October with her Scrap Camp and my Scrap Trap. Im on the look out for a very special UK teacher so if you have a favourite - mail me her name. Mandy's enthusiasm keeps my own spirits up, I truly I wish I had an ounce of her gusto but after so many exploding boxes - Im in for an early night. After Im a celebrity, o'course xx
And Lil Cottage Crafts, 3rd Dec, has a couple more spaces left. Set on the scenic coast of Cornwall in a pub with a conservatory (how much fab lighting?) come along to meet Debbie Jewell, Alison Docherty and myself in Tracie's company.


Beckie said...

Sounds like you had great fun .. I was packing!! love those explosion boxes .. taught one to some irish lassies myself a few weeks back and wow they stormed it :) have fun x

Robyn (Georgia Scrap Gal) said...

Wish I could sign up. You know I would sit in the front Row. LOL

Cheers - Robyn

Shell said...

Sounds great! I wish I could come!!
If you get desperate for a teacher there is always me!

PS - Miss you too babesxx

Sarah (AKA monroegirl) said...

Can't wait to LCC crop :) I have been wanting to do an explosion box for ages so I will wait now (probably) for you to teach me :)

You sound like you had great fun in your scrap room!

Pam said...

Hi there Kirsty- what is the February date? love those pictures, what a sweetheart.

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Can't wait for your LCC class (although it's in Devon not Cornwall dahhhhhhling!).

fgeegf said...

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