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21 Nov 2006

erm - knackered again

for the last few weeks I have been overly tired. :(
I get a good 6-8 hours of sleep every night. :)
I sometimes have to get up with Ellie although its never a chore. But nowadays I just come in from taking Ellie to school and falling asleep for 2 if not 3 hours. Really deep sleeps too as I have never heard the phone ring but always find a message waiting. I guess its down to menopause and yet I can't help think that its something else. So Im off to get it checked. I do love sleep though..... all cosy and tucked up in yummy fresh linen, especially at this time of year. Any pointers? One girlfirend said it could be this time of year - but why this year and not the past 34??!!
Tomorrow Im off to Liverpool,to take pictures of children at nursery. Hebe Ambler who runs Sticky Fingers has asked me to go and shoot (not literally!) 200 families over the next 3 days. Ive gone and bought some props to help add a little christmas sparkle so tomorrow I will show you a pick of them. Im so excited about it and I dont think I'll fall asleep at the tripod but there is always a first time ;)
And thanks to Corinne Delis - my scrap life is functioning normally again. She found my missing chipboard "E" from this weekend. I made a really pretty layout of Ellie entitled "Enjoy". well the "E" went missing and could we find it? NO. I was stressed out beyond belief and if you look on her blog - she found it. Anita did say that I could have spelt it N-Joy which, yes, would have sufficed but I was rather attached to that "E". And now he is coming back home. Hurrah. (I nicked the photo from Corinne again (mwah... dank u wel!!)
Finally some great news. My friend Sarah has had her 8 week scan on thursday past. This is crucial considering its been her 2nd attempt IVF.


Wait for it

Congratulations my dear :)


deb said...

You sound pregnant to me!!!

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic news, about your friend.
I also have a friend trying to conceive at the moment. She is due to start ivf in february. It is a really difficult time as she so wants a baby.
I am glad that she as been successful and hope everything works out o.k.
Glad the letter e as turned up for you.
Have you had your thyroid gland checked Kirsty. If it is underactive it can make you feel very tired. It can also interfere with your hormones and upset your cycle. It is easy enough to check on a blood test, along with your hormones to check if it is the menopause.
Or could just be you are over doing things?
take care anyway and go get it checked out.

D@nielle said...

It's probably the weather but good for you to have it looked at, you never know.
I'm sure you will make wonderfull photo's but that is a lot of families .....phew.
And twins, what can I say ... double the fun LOL.

D@nielle said...

Good for you having it looked at, just in case. Wow 200 families that is a LOT, but you'll make wonderfull photo's I'm sure cause you rock and you're funny.
Hehe that E was playing hide and seek.

Corinnexxx said...

you can never be to sure to check out things, hopefully it is nothing and you just need more sleep! Wow for your friend to be expecting twins, she must be really happy.


bonnette said...

You can handle 200 families but ..... can they handle YOU? lol
Good luck girl on this job !

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Get thee to a doctor wumman!

Congrats to Sarah - tell her to get a blog so I can see scan piccies and congrat her personally!

Tracey said...

It can be quite common for twins with IVF. We had 2 eggs put back but only 1 took (producing our gorgeous daughter Rachel) but you'd think I was having twins, the size I was. Keep us posted on getting checked out with all that sleep. I've just been diagnosed with something which causes alot of fatigue too...

Yizz said...

Could be meno but also may be a touch of S A D? But like the other girls have said, go get yourself checked girlie (said in bestest mommie voice LOL).

fgeegf said...

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Anonymous said...

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