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29 Nov 2006

Creative Photography Day - 24th February 2007 **edited**

Get yer DSLR's and yer cute booty down to Northwich, Cheshire on 24th February for a few lessons on creative photography. Aimed at scrapbookers who want to take their "Automatic" button beyond the realms of repetitive strain injury we will show you how to achieve that depth of field we love so much and how to capture things in motion with motion blur/trail.
There are 40 places (actually 22 booked within a few hours of announcing on UKS) which means there are 18 places as I write. If you want to come - check this link here. You can pay by instalments of £20 now, £20 after Xmas and £25 in Feb which helps ease the christmas ruin of financial affairs. I should know ;)
The course benefits those with Manual setting cameras and DSLR's. We will show you how to get those scrapbook style shots we all crave but cannot often achieve with a point and shoot. Then to top it all - there are two scrapbook classes in the afternoon with a shop, raffle and great prizes. Lunch will be provided with drinks and tray bake cake on tap.
Natalie O'Shea will help with the photography side of stuff. Natalie, like me, is a keen photographer. She will help rotate the classes as we show you how to create the perfect shot in the right lighting using the best controls. You will never want to use your automatic setting again after this day!
Debbie Nicholas will teach a 6x6 BOM mini book of which you will use a photo that you took that morning and I will teach another class using eyelets and floss. I know that you, like me, have thousands of these babies in your storage tins right now. They are doing nothing cos nobody is using them anymore. Well you will from February. I'll make them the new black of scrapping. Oh yes I will!! Drag that hammer and eyelet setter out of your bottom drawer and polish it up for good use.
So you gonna come? Huh?
And check this little lady out (who is much better - thank you for your concerns ladies xx). She is holding almost the equivalent of her height in jaffas. Heather (Cutnpaste from UKS) bought me that massive packet of Jaffas whichs hold 60 lil cakes. Big love to the jaffa cake buyer... always. Ellie is holding it plus another wee packet of jaffas which would tell me that my darling is almost the same height as 72 jaffa cakes. That means I could quite easily eat her in a week. Maybe might have a spare arm left over... who wants that?
In addition, whilst Im marathon blogging tonight, Ellie wanted to make her own sandwiches at tea time. She is the biggest hamble samble consumer in the UK. Tesco owe us big time on their profit margins with their crumbed ham for this girls Hamble Samble Ensemble. Here she is trying to butter the bread. Not bad considering this childs co-ordination is a little bit lax. I actually think she is a left handed right hander. Does that make sense? And check out the size of these monster pretzels. Another favourite of Ellie and mine. She eats pretzels for britain - infact we can match jaffa to pretzel quite easily on ratio. Oink oink.
Until tomorrow.
**ok 4 places left on the course - hurry hurry hurry - there is a stampede**


tjc designs Craft Cabin Blog said...

Ok Have read all - deciphered the photographic codes (I think!) I am now after your godlike advice if poss out of the digi cameras you mentioned could you advise as to which you beleive to the best? I use a samsung digimax at the mo - no don't swear! it suited up until now lol all joking aside though would you mind advising me?

Many thanks


No need to publish this but could you email me at
would be greatly appreciated and I am glad that your little babe is feeling better x

BondGirl said...

mmmmmmmmmmmm Jaffa cakes, now I am hungry (wonders if the 24hr tesco is open??)

good luck with the camera workshop, I only have a pants point and shoot but we can all dream

oooh a ham sarnie tip - try the crumbed ham in pitta bread!! YUM

tjc designs Craft Cabin Blog said...

Hi Thanks for getting back tome - probably about £250 at a push and a lot of sweet talking!!! lol

Corinnexxx said...

loving the pic of Ellie withthe big jaffa bar-thing. your workshops sounds great, will be booked in no time!


Tracey said...

We have some of those HUGE jaffa's in a tubey thingy for someone who will remain nameless for crimbo (ok my dad!) and it is sooooo hard not to open them when you get the munchies!

Ms. E said...

Glad to see Ellie's better.

Oh Jaffa's! Yum! That tube looks fabby - and you could alter it! I feel a shopping trip is required!!! :)

Birgit said...

Oh that class sounds great!! To bad I live so far away.... :(

Paula said...

Fab picture of Ellie and the Jaffas!

fgeegf said...

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Anonymous said...

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