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26 Nov 2006

Birthday Girl

Oh my sweet Belle turned 11 today. I had to force her out of her pit at 8am as I was away teaching all day. I was in a poor state this morning as my throat was on fire ...... I was within two inches of picking up the phone and cancelling the retreat but suffered a salt gargle (steady) to ease the soreness. Ellie said she needed a few minutes to "come round" but I knew she was way to excited to get up. Funny girl. She came trotting into our room some 5 minutes later with a grin as wide as the river Mersey and we gave her some cards and presents. She too ne look at the iPod shuffle and grunted. perhaps the sheer size of it was a bit of a let down (have you seen how tiny the new ones are?) but I put it down to the fact that she wanted chocolate for breakfast. This is an annual treat and we let her. Happy Birthday darling!
Off I trot to Sarahs Cards retreat where the whole room was set in a really comfy layout with tonnes of prizes, free raffle novelty ideas, 3 fabulous projects, amazing homecooked food, tea and homemade cake on tap and lots of laughs and giggles. I had a great day mooching with the students and teaching the exploding bow. Julie made a canvas book which is yummy and Jan produced a really sweet christmas star book. Although i don't know it yet but from what I saw it was a superb event and location with many special touches to make it that little bit more wow. I'd love to hold my one day workshop there is February - so watch this space for details.
I got home at 5,45 to be met by birthday girl belle. Not long after Glenn and Lauren arrived before we picked up Olivia for our other annual tradition - thats eating at Frankie and Benny's. Ellie loves this place and they sure make a fuss of you when it comes to delivering cake with the whole restaurant going quiet and virtually everyone singing happy birthday. Ellie's wee face was so darling. I love that kid so much that she really does make me want to cry about it!!!
Here are a couple of pictures of us all having a great time - Ellie sure had the best fun with a little card making party when we got back home along with DVD quizzes, games, Eye Toy challenges and larking about for photo's. I took Loz and Glen home where Glen, in his bad boy styleee wanted to show off his paint gun to me. He said "follow me into the back garden and watch this". He took aim at the next door neighbours window and shot paint onto it. He asked if I wanted a go and I said "too damn right". So I took aim at said window and fire a shot. Bullseye - right on the window pain and we ran back into the house. Only I tripped over the decking and landed on terra firma with a thud and a crack (am convinced Ive broken my shoulder blade, wrists and ego!). That surely was god's punishment for being a kid but Lord almighty - it was FUN! Ps: The paint is wipeable and does not stain. Im not generally a thug. I have a photojob in the morning and have doubts as to whether my body will regain its previous stature. Im a crumpled mess and YES.... Im moaning. My age is playing against me and it won't before long before Im house bound. tra la la la laaaaaaaaaaa. Anywa, In sum I had a great day, Belle had a great day - did you?
Let me leave you with this adorable lady who would not have a picture taken on her own. She cried buckets until the last safe moment when hebe decided to play peek-a-boo with teddies behind my back.

Her face is priceless.
And we have a winner - at last. All will be revealed tomorrow xx


Corinnexxx said...

Congrats to your belle!! she is so big already! glad you had a good day and that she had fun!


flo said...

happy birthday to belle! sounds like a wonderful celebration!!!

amber jane said...

Hope you had a wondeful birthday Ellie hun - and tell mummy to take it easy she will not make it through christmas at this rate LOL

Tracey said...

Happy Birthday to Ellie for yesterday!

Suz said...

Happy birthday to Ellie, we share a birthday! Shame Im a tad older than 11..... SuzyB xx

Hysteri-CAL said...

Pleased to hear that Belle enjoyed the rest of her birthday once she got home !

Thanks for a fabby class and thanks for the laughs ! xx

D@nielle said...

wow sounds like a full but fun day ! BTW I keep posting but something keeps going wrong ... Oh and I too am having a cough that will not go, maybe I just should go to bed a bit earlier (LOL that's what I say every day ....) that would probably help me get rid of this flu.

Èadaoin said...

Happy birthday Ellie :)

The retreat sounded like great fun!

Anonymous said...

Hope the throat is better Kirsty.
glad Belle enjoyed her birthday treats.

Ams said...

me and belle can be shuffle buddies! woot! it took me about 3 weeks to figure out how to use mine...I think i'm getting old! lol
Happy birthday Belle!

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Happy (belated) birthday to Ellie! And hope her momma is feeling better :D

fgeegf said...

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Anonymous said...

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