Ladies Camera Club

24 Nov 2006

Back on Track

It really has been a busy two weeks. So much that I didnt have time to do the dares last week so this week I thought Id be extra creative and jazz up a canvas. All I used to decorate it was a little slap of worn lipstick and picth black distress inks, splatters of cranberry and picth black alcohol inks, daubs of pitch black dabber paints. Im so chuffed with how versatile Mr Holtz signature mediums can be. I made this for my new studio/office that mark has made for me inside the garage. The carpet gets laid tomorrow and our house will not be a dump anymore!
Today I finish snapping lil nippers at the Nursery in Liverpool. My back is killing me, my throat is on fire but my heart is all schnoozley from kiddy overload. There were barely any tears today and lots of willing volunteers to come and sit on the studio floor for a quick pose and a giggle. I shall upload some more of these photos tomorrow.
Talking of tomorrow, Im away teaching. I made this for Sarahs Cards Ltd retreat. Sadly its the same day as Ellie's birthday :(. I talked with Belle about it and she is just fine as she is off to Nannies to bake cakes. We will be going out tomorrow evening though to Frankie and Benny's (this is Ellies favourite eatery) where the fun of being with Glen, Lauren, Olivia, Mark and I will be enough fun to make a mockery of circus clowns and hopefully make up for working. She is happy, Im happy - are you?
The camera gets another battering on Sunday is Stafford where 5 kids are the order of the day. I have so many photo jobs nowadays that scrapping is a little on the back burner but still there in my heart ... saving it for a rainy day xx
toodle pip dudes... and nobody got the number yet either :)


pigglet said...

well i know it is cheeky but can i guess again? not that i am desperate for one of your kits or anything lol

i guess



Jen said...

Gorgeous kiddiwinks :) Er, 13? 16? 46? 36? Ok that's all my spesh numbers used up. Oh and 28 for my mum..... Cheat, moi?

bookit said...

oh yum!!! love that box :)

Dale Anne said... third guess is 64

Corinnexxx said...

gorgeous canvas, I just need to make one too i have lots of canvases around the house! have fun with your cards!
and a happy happy b-day to Ellie!!!

Èadaoin said...

I feel so bad guessing again, but ....
last time....


Hope you find the time to scrap more in your new office! Love the box and canvas, esp. the bow on the side of the box, really cool! :)


funkyfunkyrach said...

Oh Oh, guess again,
Isabelle says 99
I say 178
These have probably been guessed already, but there is no way I am reading all the comments on all the posts!
oh is 0 out?

Suebaru said...

Hope Ellie has a wonderful birthday!

Beth said...

Forgot what the numbers were for now, anyway, can I pick 39? LOL. Lurvely box that opens out when the lid is off, we did one at the Bristol crop, tis fun to make! Hope Ellie has a fun time at Nannies. Beth XX

edwaado said...

Canvas is gorgeous and I LURVE that exploding box. Beautiful :) Can't wait to see your new studio - sounds fabbo! I'm sure it's already been said, but I'll guess 199. Oh!! And a H-U-G-E happy birthday to the divine Miss E :D xxx

joanna said...

P.S. That last comment was ME, not Ed!!!

Anonymous said...

That box is so fresh & vibrant, LUSH.
Happy B'day 2 Ellie F&B is brill.

Gonna guess again .. 27


ski said...

199, 201 and 237 and 16.

Love the look of the exploding box. All my teamies are up there hope you had fun

marije said...

LOL I know I'm late.. just wanted to add my favourite number 17!

fgeegf said...

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Anonymous said...

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