Ladies Camera Club

20 Oct 2006

you have to wait and see

I know Im such a tease but Im sort of now thinking that its all going to be a mountain of a mole hill at this rate. BUT you know, I am so very fortunate to do the things I do and some things are more exciteable to me than your average joe. It is more luck than management with the opportunities I receive and whilst I am at it I have to just show you the work I did for Scrap Club. I was asked to be a guest DT by my adorable freind, Anita. Who would refuse such a lucky blow using their creatively collated kits? Ive seen the stuff Anita gets to work with every month (so jealous am I) and when I saw my pizza box arrive from the Netherlands - I ripped it open to a light of lushness. So here is what I made:

I am such a lucky lady. Even more luckier because I am at my mums with ellie and her boyf, Glenn. We are going autumn "shooting" tommorrow (if the leaves are not all on the ground, im going to be pulling them all off their branches) and treating the kids to a knicekrbockerglory. I LOVE being at my mums - she treats me to squishes and lovely yummos all the while. I still need a bit of TLC as my jaw is in agony (or perhaps Im just enjoying the pampering too much and Im imagining it?).
Adios my freinds xx


joanna said...

Hope you're feeling better, darl - there's a photo on my blog that will make you smile!! Big squishes to Ellie-pie :) xx


WOW your work is amazing as always. Thanx for sharing and inspiring.

H x

corinne said...

LOVE what you did with the cherryArte products, please send them to there gallery on I am sure they will all get accepted!
and come on spill the beans on your secret woman!


Sarah said...

Super duper chicken licken - sooooo much talent wrapped up in that wee parcel that's you!

Hurry home now - I NEEEEEEED to see you!!!

Sue said...

Have a great time..i have a lovely pic in my head of you jumping up and down pulling the leave off the trees LOL
Feel better soon!

Ann(i)e said...

really lovely work dear!!!
Have fun at your mums

Jen said...

OOOh more than just yummo, these are FABILICIOUS! I just love the rose-tinted glasses one. Well all of them really..

Craftybanshee said...

Hope you feel better soon Kirsty. Fab new artwork!

karen said...

i love what you did with the kit, its all so yummy, enjoy all the squishies, i hope your not too sore.
karen x

Missy said...

Wow this is so much eye candy!!!! LOVE all of it.

fgeegf said...

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