Ladies Camera Club

11 Oct 2006

Snapshots and layouts

Some hidden corners in Paris hold a wealth of culture and normalness blended with a splash of colour. I love this building and door way being framed by a fabulous sycamore tree. I want to go back and discover more of Paris, I truly do. I want to walk up the Champs de Lysee instead of passing it by on a crappo bus. I want to sit oustide a bistro again to slurp down crepes with chocko and ice cream. I want! Bwah - Mark, I know you are reading this. Take me there NOW. Via Florence and Barcelona. And perhaps a quick trip to Venice too. Sigh, I want to back pack the world.
I havent uploaded my speshal dares for two weeks now - what is wrong with me? These two are part of my favvo's and I have to say Im pretty obsessed with shades of green again. It comes in waves does this green malarkey so Im enjoying it whilst I can. The "flops" layout came together real quick but the "three" layout took me flippin ages - espesh when I knew I had to get it done to support the fact that Kelli Freakin Crowe had donated her time with us last week. And I had to go to Paree on Wednesday night. I love that picture of us 3. Ive used it a lot in some smaller class projects. Love love love it.
And now Im back to reality, I have almost clinched another fab US scrapper to come over to Scrap Trap next October. She is just meeting at Memory Trends today and my email proposal will spur her decision. The date could be 6th October and will be held here, in the Northwest. The venue holds 150 scrappers plus 5 shops, a large crop and shop room, 2x50 seater classes, lunch, refreshments and whatever exciting things I can find between now and our US scrapper saying "Oui". You gonna come? are ya? huh?
And then just for a more recent challenge I thought I might add this other wee baby. Im obsessed with hambly right now. Nothing is gonna look bad with it - their whole range screams "scrummo". Have you seen their transparencies? Sheesh. After seeing BG Blush today I think this group of babies might hit my number one fave spot (dare I cast aside my sweet chatterbox too?)

Until we meet again, bloggers. Scrap on.


Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

mmmmmmm yes - the Hambly stuff is verrrrry nice! But I must not buy any more stash... Stop enabling Kirsty :D

bookit said...

ooo...things are bubbling scrapwise in the north west!!!! all sounds good :)))

Lianne said...

Gorgeous LOs Kirsty, good to have you back in Angleterre (see, I did learn something in GCSE French!). Scrap Trap sounds fabby, will have to make sure I leave the date free in my diary.

Speak soon chuckie egg,
Lianne xxx

Roz Roz said...

I want to do your retreat thingy ma jig please, can I can I, please say yes.

Tracie H said...

Ohhhh save me a seat please!
Lovin the LO's BTW.

joanna said...

Yummo layouts; Paris sounds like it was a whole lot of fabulousness! I will definitely be there in the North West next October - just try and keep me away!! xxx

Gaye said...

LOs are fabbaroonie, glad you had a good time in paris.

you've forgotten that you have been tagged!!!!(gord not like your busy or nout!LOL *snort*) name 5 weired things about yourself or a pet then tag 5 peeps :D xx

fgeegf said...

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