Ladies Camera Club

25 Oct 2006

Ok - the Nikon D200 rocks the socks of the Canon 30D

It sure does. And you can't blame the photographer neither cos I know the diff between a good pic and a bad pic. And this is a GOOD pic. This is Lauren. Who came round today to make a fan for her school project. She came to use all my wares at 1pm and was supposed to stay for a couple of hours. But oh no!!! Some 9 hours later I finally drag her home with a fan, a minilope book and this photo from a set of many taken in the studio. You know - that studio I can't stand but completely LOVE right now. Thats thanks to my Nikon - I love her and she will be adored forever more. The colour shot of Lauren is just fabulous compared to all my other photo studio shots. I mean, I have struggled with them and spent ages achieving the right light at a very time consuming expense but this Nikon was built for every occasion and Im sat here all twitchy from the excitement. Here are the pictures of Lauren working in the project and the finished product too.
Other news today. I got a very disturbing phonecall from my belle at lunchtime who was heart sluffened. In sobbed breaths she cried to me "Mum, I" sob "have" sob "just been" sob "stung by" sob sob "a wasp" sob "I hate" sob "god for making" sob sob sob wail cry sob "nasty bugs that sting" sob "why did he make them" bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Well I broke down in tears too . From a child who has never been smacked or punched by bullies or had any physical infliction from anyone and who suffers her own pain from aching muscles - this kid sure doesnt know what its like to have something like this happen to her. Poor wee thing. She did, however gain from the experience by the form of a gameboy game being bought to cushion the blow and all is well, I am happy to report, from a calming call from my mother this evening.
Until tomorrow my sweet friends, hug your littlies tight and pray a big bad wasp doesn't darken Ellie's doorstop ever again! xx


karen said...

great picture kirsty, poor little belle i bet you just want to squeeze her tight and make things ok for her, nasty wasp.
karen x

Paula said...

{{extra hugs for Belle}} from me too.

Trina said...

Hey Kirsty girl! Just been cruising your blog and your photos ROCK!!!! I wanna take photos like you!

And so sorry to hear about your precious girl. Man it breaks your heart when things happen to your kids huh?! Hope all is well now!

suebaru said...

Hope Ellie is okay now! Took a leaf chucking photo, it's on my blog! Sue x

Ann(i)e said...

Yummy Scrummy Photos AGAIN!!
Great to chat with you this morning...really getting excited for our shoot!!

Gaye said...

Ahh! bless Ellie poor ickle mite i was stung by a wasp yesterday too horrid creatures

Glad you are lovin your new camera

Missy said...

So glad to hear you are enjoying the Nikon. Your pictures are simply amazing Kirsty. Fantastic color and lighting...I so wish I could do that.

Sorry to here about poor Ellie. I sure hope the wasps no better next time.

bookit said...

congrats on the new addition to your photographic family!!!!

fgeegf said...

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