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18 Oct 2006

OK - I take this as a sign

You know how much I harped on about the D200 in the past? The Nikon D200. And shockingly I bypassed its gloriousness in favour of Canon-dom? Well, the 5D has a delay from the place where I buy my stuff from and now im toying with going back to Nikon (oooh the shame of even considering Canon, this is now dragging at my guilt strings). I mean I have the goods to fit between the fuji and the nikon - what the frikkin hell was I thinking? I actually think my stroke of wisdom last night has made me come to my senses at last and thinking about it in full, will save me a whopping grand on the bill. Of course, any DSLR is an investment and the D200 is the high end of DSLR entry. But then again - the 5D is rather swish? Decisions, my freinds are so hard for me these days as I cannot completely deal with making the wrong choice (unless its within a 7 days consumer rights thingy-ma-bob.... help me with the word I should place here!)
Well I did a bit of reading up last night and it seems that ok, a high end DSLR body maybe rather handsome but when it comes down to it, its the lenses that make your pictures work. So I have read a review from a completely superb photographer and he says that the difference between the quality of a D70 and a D200 is kind of based upon the lenses. And really, he is right. I saw two photos taken by the same lens on both the Nikons and apart from a slight and I mean SLIGHT magnification - they are both splendiferous. He of course now uses the D200 becuase of the body being made more of metal than plastic and that status as a photographer is key (I disagree, look at the Fuji..... I had some Americans in California thinking it was antique! But then again, they also thought I was Australian, mwahahahahahaha).
So - I go on and on and on, huh? So get yourselves out of here cos Im done. Pretty much. Ive work to do on a very special guest DT, international this time. Ooooh get me, Ill be knocking on Lisa Bearnsons door soon (to buy her out, of course ;)).
And, in the immortal words of Paul Mckenna - SLEEP!


joanna said...

Sounds like you've made your mind up, angel; go with your instinct - it's not usually wrong. The international deeley sounds very interesting and exciting :) xxx

Missy said...

So sorry to hear about your camera dilema, but it does look like you are on the path to decision. Just an FYI, I am a canon girl all the way. However, my brother, who is an avid photographer (and even made a living at it for a while when out of corporate work) LOVES his Nikon. He had the D70 and upgraded to the D200. I would agree that the quality of the pictures between the cameras is not that significant if you are using a high quality lens....but the look and feel of the D200 is lush. If I did not have a small fortune invested in Canon lenses I would think about the switch to Nikon....I hope my camera doesn't hate me for saying that. Enough of my ramble....good luck with your choice.

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Tell you what Kirsty - if you need a babysitter for your cast-off canon lenses, then I'll look after them for you until you find a buyer... :D

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