Ladies Camera Club

12 Oct 2006

New addition to our family

The Canon 30D is my new baby. Ive completely switched tracks from the Fuji/Nikon in favour of this little number which is a massive leap when you take into consideration that my Fuji S2 Pro body took only Nikon Lenses with a Nikon speed light. You will find my old camera doing the rounds on ebay including speedlight and polarisers and 2 magnificent lenses. Am I sad, though? A little. Don't get me wrong, the Fuji S2 is and will always be outrageously fabulous but it weighed an absolute tonne (especially with the battery grip attached). I made my mind up after coming home from gay Pareeeeeeee becuase my arms were killing me from the constant snapping of photos there. Because, in addition to teaching in Paris, I was also the official photographer and carrying that monster of a camera really was the final straw. So now I am a turncoat ...... heading for Canon-dom! Its so light and small and rather frikkin amazing. I bought a 50mm 1.8 lens, an 85mm 1.8 USM lens and a 28-90mm EF lens. All rather superb for what I need. I just need a 70-300mm and then Im set to erm, take photos? Mwahahahahahahahaha.
I could have chosen the Nikon D200 as an alternative and kept the Nikon lenses but after reading so much about Canon and its reviews always pipping the post, this investment should be my last in photography for a good few years. She says. My first Fuji was an A210, then the A510, then the cool lil number S5500. I still have my Fuji S7000 (I love it and it took the picture of the kids on the first page of my website - I cant knock it for portability). I then got the S2 Pro which I think I will always love plus I adore my Sigma/Nikon lenses. Oh I do go on, don't I? I will be taking shots today and post them here later. Im a little nervous to be honest. Infact Im bricking it.
Anyway, Scrap Trap seems to be runing in fine form and I got myself a whole bunch of volunteers ready for next October. These girls are even planning the partying now - cripes! I have a special announcement to make as soon as our extra guest has confirmed her prices and when that is made, I shall make way for online bookings. There is no need to choose classes - you get to do all 4 plus crop within a 9 hour schedule. I just can't sleep thinking about it. Id love for someone to make me a logo - cos Im pantaloons at doing them. Something funky foofala **waves to Maria**
And finally - did you see Donna D's blog? Our magnificent Bev Stephenson bagged a picture on there ..... Bev must be her biggest fan and Donna so was humbled by this that she gave Bev a massive shout out. Im so happy for her **waves to Bev**.


bookit said...

Ooooo...i love new toys!!!!

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Aha - you have come over to the CANON side.....!!! It's darker over here :D

joanna said...

Ooh, a lubbly new toy, Kirstles! Yay for Canon!! Can't wait to see some more photies :) xx

Corinnexxx said...

I have it and I LOVE it and so will you!


mandy said...

ooh thats the camera I want, I keep eyeing it up in Jessops, i know it will be mine i just have to work out how to pay for it! LOL

Beckie said...

Ooo you lucky ducky! I wub my cannon too but went for the easier option of a s3is. But then I'm not a poop hot photographer chick like you!!

Ann(i)e said...

Big congrats on the new camera...and I even get to see it in about a months time...may I stroke it??

Paula said...

Welcome to Canondome! :D

fgeegf said...

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