Ladies Camera Club

24 Oct 2006

More snappy snaps

Who on earth deserves more pampering than Anita? Who got lucky and played with cameras this afternoon as we laughed and laughed - and I mean to the point of hernia, bursting guts and exploding blood vessels? ME!
Anita and me siting in a tree........... taking pic ka kick kack eeeeee's. Well we were not sat in trees, we were sat under them, stealing their fallen leaves (next to hideous festering and furry dog drops - bluergh. whoops, Im spoiling the scene right?). We were Elsie, we were catwalk queens and we were just pratting but secretly getting some good shots for BOM's, profiles and magazine work. I seriously had too much fun that my mouth went dry and the sun went down so there were no more opportunities left.
Anita needed a break today before going to see her beloved Jo at the nearby hospice (have you seen the pics Neets took of Jo's kids yesterday? Go and look at her blog) Neets plans to decorate Jo's room up with vivacious snaps of her family and hopefully some that I took will adorn those walls too. In addition, your art work for the 6x6 book that Im collating will also give this brave woman something to feel GREAT about. How therapeutic is colour and happiness? Its better than boxes of chocs and flowers that only wilt away. Anway, I got the first 6x6 today - hand delivered by Sharon and I just filled up. Its a beautiful page full of inspiring quotes about not forging your thoughts on the past but seeing how those events could be turned into lessons. I LOVE IT. And I love you for taking part and I love Neets for giving me the best afternoon in ages xx
As Im not one to miss an opportunity with the guys, I took this picture of Harry (sharons little boy) when she came to drop off the artwork. I am in love - we get married when he is 18. He pretended that he didn't like me but thats ok - he is too young to appreciate a good deal when he is offered one. You don't really want to know what he was up to when this picture was taken. Only Sharon and I know and it will be a life long secret until our wedding day - and then I get to show him up in front of all his buddies ;).
Oooh and I have just had this from Neets - didnt she do well?

Aaaah well, til tomorrow my friends.


bookit said...

oh kirsty, i had SO MUCH FUN today!!!! running around like total idiots talking about everything from sports bras to pot holes! i hope i can do your photos as much justice...i LOVE mine :)))
till next time ;)

Craftybanshee said...

What fabulous photos of you and Anita. Looks like you had bundles of fun!

Roz Roz said...

Ok Kirsty those photos are stunning, love the one Anita did of you.

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Fantastic photos! Looks like you had tons of fun.

Hey - i just signed up for your devon class in December. *grin* Bet I can eat more mince pies than you :D

Jen said...

OOoh look at you! Anita's pics are just gorgeous - and so are yours. What fun you had!

Suzanne said...

Stunning photos and I'm so pleased to hear you had a wonderful, fun, free and girly time together.

Corinnexxx said...

Anita looks smashing!you too by the way! great shots and I am glad anita got some fun today.


Heather said...

Gorgeous photos. Glad you and Anita had a fun day.

Sharon Speakman said...

Thanks for the lovely photos of Harry, the wonderful cup of tea and the fab animal biccies! His secret is safe with you and me!!!! Love the photos of you and anita - you both look gorgeous! Glad to know anita had time for a much needed break. Sharon x x x

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