Ladies Camera Club

18 Oct 2006

Momma Bear Squiffs **edited**

Hurrah! My momma bear has come to pay a visit. I somehow feel I tricked her into coming but now that she is in my grasp I shall make good squidges of her. As you know, my 5 foot nothing momma has come to calm my nerves before tomorrows extraction, two refill fillings and a scale and polish at the dental hozzy. Im that cack scared that I have broken out in spots and am sick with worry. I know I keep saying this but Id rather have 12 hours labour than this 35 minute operation under sedation. Thats not even fully asleep - thats kind of awake but not knowing what the hell is happening **runs to the loo to chuck up**. Urgh, Im so pathetic. The only amazing grace on the whole event is that when they pull that tooth out, my one structure will be a tad skinnier! Its what they did in the 40's you know - these ultra vain women (and lets face it, I cant be classed as vein with the freckles I have to live with!). They used to have teeth pulled just so that their bone structure in their cheeks were slender. That and corsets to make an 18 inch waist. Good lord, give me cake and a mouth full of teeth anyday!
I have betrothed my stash to Battersea Dogs home should I not make it through my "be awake and see the blood spurting everywhere" sedation. I can just imagine a poor Pekinese trying to set an eyelet - mwahahahahahahahahahaha
**Edited to add: Whoever guesses how many lumps I hurled in my spew tonight, gets a sample of it in a kleenex tissue and a little bg of delights.
And Cal, I need you address hun!


joanna said...

Sending you lots of love, and "get well gob" vibes for tomorrow :D xx

Roz Roz said...

Stinky, I would have taken you, only I live in Scotland, mwhahahahahahahaha.

I'm gonna be thinking of you all day hunny bun, take care of yourself.

Clare said...

good luck - will be cyber holding hands!! xxxx

little_little said...

Nice! Good luck! I guess 11 lumps! hehe.

Zu x

Jen said...

Oh Kirsty, Mum being there will make it alright. And if they give you the right sedation you won't remember a thing when you wake up! It's called Medazelam.....

Gaye said...

good luck 4 today kirsty

bet you had carrots in it LOL

Sam said...

I reckon about 5 lumps - but I don't want the tissue..........

all the best you mad gal, by now it should be over and done with petal

Tracey said...

You'll be absolutely fine Kirsty. I had 2 impacted (kinda lying on their sides) wisdom teeth out under local anaesthetic and I was fine... Please update us after the procedure then I'll share my experience with you and compare notes if ya like.

Take care xxx

Hysteri-CAL said...

You ickle wuss !!! You'll be fine ... take it like a ..erm ..erm .. woman !

I had a dishy Aussie dentist at the hospital Kirsty, fingers crossed you get the same thing .. I was hit by cupids arrow and never felt a thing ... but oh, those Aussie eyes .. hmmmmmmm...

Will wait for update with baited breath ... not smelly breath.

Big hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Pam said...

All the best Kirsty- I am sure things will go well at the dentist- make sure you are on the mend for the Luxurious Angels won't you?

frazzledmom said...

OK - deep breath..... and more......

You're gonna be fine. This time tomorrow, it'll all be over, and you'll be taking some fab photos or scrapping a cracking layout!

Good luck, sista!


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