Ladies Camera Club

31 Oct 2006

marvellous mini monlogues - part deux

OMG - this is so funny you know. Not only was the last video played 743 times but I had a lovely woman come up to me at the weeeknd and said that I sounded so posh on that vid compared to my real life voice. As a yorkshire lassy, posh is one thing I am not! We all have a telephone voice, a broadcasting voice and a "having a laugh with the girls" voice. I seriously do not talk like this all the time. And I don't take it all too seriously ... come on, how can anyone take my acting skills that far? Mwahahahahahaha
Anyway this Vid is about making fimo buttons for cards and scraps. I made this at the retreat this weekend but we didn't make them this fast of course! So cute they are, even you could varnish them and customise some clothes. This really only takes seconds to create but the big bore is baking the little sods afterwards. Still, I hope it makes you grab that fimo you bought in 1993 and gets you thinking. You could make fake brads, use mini cooki cutters or cake icing cutters too to make some real fancy embellies for your art work. Have you seen the fimo push moulds too? They are GREAT. (You would actually think Id been sponsored by Fimo but sadly Im not. But if you are watching, Mr Fimo Pants, I'd like some black clay please ;)


Sharon Speakman said...

Fab monologue - get them knitting needles out - I feel like making a cardi to go with the buttons... well done x x x

bookit said...

i love it when you talk about your balls ;)
and if you cannot wait for the baking..
use Makins don't need to back it just air dries overnight :)

Sarah (AKA monroegirl) said...

Love them little flowers, I may have to dig out my Fimo, I know it is in a gift back in the cupboard somewhere...... BTW Kirsty looking forward to meeting you at LCC on 3rd Dec :)

joanna said...

Really fab - what a great idea - so quick, and really effective! Love it, you posh tart!!! :) xxx

Sam said...

ooh you is nearly like a real Lisa Bearnson you educating laydee!!! Fabbo loving it, it's as addictive at Corrie xxx

Roz Roz said...

that is bloody fantastic, and was an amazing make and take at the retreat, I ended up with two of these and can't wait to bake them and use them

Paula said...

Lovely button it is so cute. Im with Anita (aka bookit) I use Makins clay & pop it in the freezer for 15-20 secs to set it. My oven is a microwave combi & doesn't like being too empty!!! so I usually fill it with salt dough instead, one way to make you diet v salty biscuits yuck!

fgeegf said...

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