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16 Oct 2006

I hate it - my 30D is poo poo *edited*

it is - I just hate it. Its not as good a quality as the Fuji S2. Surely I must be doing something wrong. I mean, its a Canon for crying out loud, its meant to be the mutts nuts. I took my new "baby" to a photo shoot in Darlington at the weekend and snapped about 10 pictures before I decided I really hated it.
Fortch for me, I brought my trusty standby Fuji and took some of these of Caitlin and family at the shoot. I have a whole bunch like these plus many other family pictures that came out so beautifully. I got meet Emma and her husband's family who welcomed me with a really delicious cup of tea. I had to ask what it was and they replied it was Earl Grey. Wooooo, get me drinking Earl Grey. I tried is years ago and thought it was rank - how my tastebuds have changed. Now a packet of Twinings has landed in my Monday shopping trolley and I am in Earl Grey heaven.
This weekend, I also got snaps of my family at my sisters little boy's (Harrison) christening. My cousin Emily and Marybeth are stunningly good looking as well as their mum, Janet (my wubbly auntie) and finally one of me, my sis , my bro and mum and dad. This is a very special photo as we are rarely all together at once but I cant uplaod it becuase my sister needs to give me permish to do so. Plus I have various pictures of the day to share with you. I love family get togethers, even if there are moments where things can go a bit wobbly in the middle. We all know what that is like, right?
I came home last night to watch Prime Suspect - how long have we bloody well waited for this? I was getting really into it when I got a call at about 10pm. Automatically I assume its bad news as we NEVER get calls so late. And it was bad news. Anita asked if I could collect her from the airport as she has had to come over earlier than expected to see Jo ward - who is very very poorly right now. I know some of you know her and if you do, could you jot a few messages down in my comments (below) and Ill print them out in a little thingy that I am making her. I have some messages from the girls on the "Pad" but more would make her feel extra spesh. Cos thats what she is. Spesh xx
So today? Im ringing the Canon boys to try an ascertain why I hate my camera and its going back in favour of a Nikon D200 if they don't make me fall in love it. :(
The firm where I bought it want me to send it back for testing but how do you explain you dont want it cos you think its crap? Are you allowed as a consumer to do that?
Cal - you know - CAL. You win the goodies babes. Your infectious humour has me dying in my pants with laughter. Truly!!
And also. I have a massive prize to give away soon. Who wants to win a free photoshoot (obv in Wigan cos knowing my luck you will win and you will live in Stornaway!!!) Am willing to drive half an hour out of Wigan, anything more than that - im sure we can come to an agreement. And I wont be bringing Bad Boy Canon Stink Pants


Heather said...

Gorgeous photos, Kirsty. Sorry you're not happy with your new camera. Hopefully therte's a technical fault that can be fixed to make you love it.

I'm sorry to hear Jo Ward's not doing so well. I hope Anita's little "popping" surprise (does that make enough cryptic sense??) is coming along to cheer Jo.

Lots of love to Jo and prayers for good health.

joanna said...

Oh, I'm sorry you don't love your Canon, hun :( - what a poo!!

Love and hugs to Jo - thinking of you, hun xxx

Hysteri-CAL said...

I'm simply devastated and shocked to hear that Jo is so poorly, I really thought she'd started to pick up. :(

Please pass on all my love and hugs and tell her I miss her so very much.

*offers up a little prayer* xxxxxx

janine said...

Please pass on prayers to Jo - don't know much about the situation but I'm sure God does:) And v sorry to hear Canon sucks for you!

Shell said...

Sending more {{hugs}} for Jo!

Sorry you hate your camera!

Lianne said...

Huge hugs to Joanne and all her family, they're all in my thought and prayers at the moment.

Sorry your camera's poo Kirsty, hope you get it sorted, and bthe pictures you took are stunning xxx

Sharon Speakman said...

Hi Kirsty - please give Joanne Ward all my love and loads of hugs and a big kiss to wish her well very, very soon.
With love, Sharon x x x (diamonddiva)

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

There must be something wrong with the 20D - no way is it not a FAB camera! But hey - you took some stunning pics with standby fuji LOl. Would love to win one of your photoshoots... Fancy a holiday in Devon...???
Already left you a message for Jo - but more hugs for her anyway.

Sarah (AKA monroegirl) said...


I sent back an olympus camera last week and my reason was that it was rubbish! I had it for two weeks trying it out before deciding to send it back too. Jessops were fine with that.

Sarah (AKA monroegirl) said...

I sent my olympus back to Jessops on Friday with the reason that it was rubbish and they were fine with that. I had been trying it out for two weeks before I decided that it had to go back!

Jan said...

Kirsty you are right Joanne is dam right spesh.
I hope she will soon be on the mend.
I wish i could see her, but cos a cant drive with this broken wrist, i knows she knows why. But that doesnt mean she is not in my heart and in my thoughts.
Tell Anita to give her a hug from me and from mum too (as well as Audrey)


Corinnexxx said...

sending lots of love and healing light towards joanne and her family.


Scrapbookmomof3 said...

Sorry about the camera. Glad you brought the fuji though. :) Awesome pics as usual. You're really good. :)

I love Earl Grey too!!!!

Caz said...

Sorry to hear you don't like your camera but i could have told you canon are just not up to scratch. I have taken photos of the same thing with my camera (minolta) and my cousins (canon) and the quality is miles apart. The canon pics just look blured :( Such a shame

Paula said...

You are a great photographer so whatever I am about to say you already know. But sometime we just need to hear it from someone else.
It takes a while to switch brands when you are happy with the original.
Last Christmas I got a Panasonic with a fantastic Leica lens Slr type (not true SLR but with manual control). Got home and really disliked the high ISO results. It felt like flushing down the toilet £500.

I think we grow attach to the little things of our reliable equipment and we know their greatness and weaknesses and we use them to our purpose.

(PS: I ended up returning my camera, my husband had to fight to get the money back but we got it at the end.)

Anonymous said...

Sorry you dont like your Cannon Kirsty,I love my Canon 350D Ive always had Canon cameras 7 loved them all.
Sending lots of healing hugs to Joanne & hope she improves soon .
Denise xxx

Clare said...

already sent her my wishes via anita but adding here too - prayers and good wishes for Jo and thinking of all the family xxxx

and - if I can possibly work out how to get to crappy pants wigan Id bloody LOVE you to take piccies of me and my boy :D someday - someday :D

ooh - the word verification for this comment is 'onkiwas' - Im liking that :D

Anonymous said...

I don't know Jo, but having just read this would like to send my love and prayers for her to become well.

Emma said...

My thoughts are with Jo and her family.

We had a wonderful day with you on saturday and I love the wonderful photos you took of us all, but the ones of Caitlin were so special, you've really captured her spirit

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