Ladies Camera Club

25 Oct 2006

Fiona Fuji S2 Pro meets new sister, Natasha Nikon D200

Wrapped in pink sheets of loveliness, my new bundle arrived today, in time for another shoot this afternoon with the infamous Lauren (Glens sister). The clouds are overhead but never you mind because overcast days in Autumn are PERFECT for photos. You can pretty much keep your shutter speed and apperture the same all through the session, so its click click click. With it came a rather swish 85mm, 1.8 lens which is perfect for portraits that won't mean my camera poking right into my subjects face. It allows a comfortable distance for your subject to roam in their own space which in turn allows them not feel threatened by a wizz and a whir of a lens. Or suffer my hallitosis.
Oooooooooh I can't believe I own one of these and mark says i can get to keep Fiona Fuji too which also means that at shoots, I dont have to interchange the lenses. Hurrah. Im sat here in dreamy photography land, thinking scenery, thinking poses, thinking - erm, how I have to pay mark for the Nikon in instalments. Poo!! always a dream breaker huh?

Neets sent me over a couple of the shots she took of me yesterday, including this one (me, embracing my fave time of year) - she is such a wizz that gal. Grab your girlfreinds and go for a shoot today - you will have such a giggle. Don't worry of there is n o sun, just find a patch of leaves, get the kids to run through them, throw them in the air and make leaf angels.

And don't forget, I wanna see your results xxx


CarolineO said...

Kirsty, just wondering any chance you'll take bookings for a few photos of crafteire attendees when you're in ireland next year?

Jen said...

Well I'd love to go out and take piccies but am stuck at work and don't get back till after dark :( Major downer!! (think of the money Jennifer...). But I can't wait to get out at the weekend. Dead jealous of your gorgeous equipment LOL Love love love the piccie of you Anita sent today - FAB!

fgeegf said...

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