Ladies Camera Club

30 Oct 2006

Dare 'sup

Yes they were, on Friday, even though I was away. This week was "love is" and of course as I tend to use the speshals as my BOM I completed it with "Autumn". I do rather love this season more than the rest. Its so colourful and the air is crisp. Its nice weather to wear a funky scarf without it making you sweat like a filthy pig (why do we sweat more on a freezing day in winter?) Love, love, love it.

Today, my friends, I have to show you another picture of Gordon. You know, the shy one from yesterdays blog entry. Oh he has me well captivated right now but this is the other pic out of around 20 that I particularly love. Im lucky to get to meet this chappy again when I come to tour Scotland next April. Im taking a week out to travel to a booking in both Glasgow and Stranraer and would like to let you know that Im willing to travel from Wigan to Carlisle/Glasgow/Stranraer and the places between there and Edingburgh. I could push going to Aberdeen too. As you know I much prefer outdoor photography so your local parks, hills and grassy fields would be ideal and the lighting in April is fabulous for me too. So please make use of me when Im there for sessions.

We have just got back from Asda (in our car ;)) where Ellie and I have been out to buy a pumpkin. Now Mark normally scoops out the goop for us so if I don't blog tomorrow night, you will know that I have sliced all of my fingers off whilst carving these little toughies. She is so looking forward to it. Belle doesn't care for dressing up (pooey!!) but a long black coat, a witches hat and cauldron is all she can just about manage. I have bought a ton of cavity inducing sweeties and a spooky torch in readiness for the whole town to invade our street. I was reminiscing halloween with some of the Scottish gals at the retreat this weekend and regaled the times when halloween was just a small event where you were lucky to get one sweety let alone a bag full. I used to scoff and go crazy if anyone put an apple in my bag - I mean come on, lighten up. I want to physically be sick of eating sweeties as opposed to losing weight and being healthy. And I used to scorn at my mother who used to think it was delighfully traditional to put an apple and orange in my christmas stocking too. Im by no means ungrateful but jeeeeeez, where are the toys already? Next to that lump of coal and a few freaking chestnuts? OOOoooooooh, those were t'days, I tell thee. Kids don't know they are born these days. Mwahahahahahaha.
Still, I get to raid her goody bag tomorrow night and discard burnt pumpin skins in the bin for another 365 days. Then comes Christmas. **insert smiley with gun pointing to its head**

Oh and tomorrow sees another marvellous mini monologue. Prepare to die laughing at my crappo broadcasting voice. I can see me getting hate mail from Dawn Bibby. My answer to that would be "get in line, there is a queue forming here!"


Roz Roz said...

Fantastic photo of the wee man. Enjoy the goody bags

joanna said...

Ooh, I will look forward to your mini monologue; you sound very profesh-nial when you do them - I lubs them!! xxx

Corinnexxx said...

this is a really cool lo love the leafs!!! and this picture is so adorable!


bookit said...

happy halloween!

Ann(i)e said...

Make sure you only take out the poisonous looking NOT nick all the good stuff for yourself!!

ickleviking said...

love the LO - I take photos at 3 Sisters all the time and yours always make it look way nicer than mine!!

Do you know, I think I saw your hubbie at Asda at Robin Park a couple of months ago! Ever had one of those experiences where you think you know someone but can't place them - I gave him a big smile as he passed me in the aisle and it was only later when I was in the car it struck me who it was and that I'd just let on to Kirsty Wiseman's DH!! He probably came home and told you about a mad woman who was coming onto him in Asda - lol!

Missy said...

ooohhh wow that page with all the leafs is spectacular. Wonderful work my dear!!!

fgeegf said...

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