Ladies Camera Club

3 Oct 2006

Camp KK, Modern Scrapbooking and Scrap Trap

Ok - Just finalising more (??!!) venues but I am organising a one day workshop, both scrapping, teaching photography and photography session (give your loved one a gift of a picture of YOU!) in December. Its called Camp KK has a special, hidden meaning and its really all very hilarious - should you crack the code you might not even find it funny but I DO! I have an ultra special UK designer joining me providing she doesn't really HAVE to go to the US to go chrimbo shopping. There are 30 places earmarked for the 9th December, you don't have to worry about pre-christmas preperations - this is a day for you . It will be local, in Wigan but worth a wee drive to come and see us. As its a little late in notice, we might shift it to January - so watch this space. In addition to that I am going to Bristol again on the 2nd December for a very special day hosted by Modern Scrapbooking. It would be gorgous to see the Bristol girls again.
And finally there is something incredibly HUGE being planned for next September/October. A one day event involving 150 scrappers being taught ALL AT THE SAME TIME by a very, very special teacher (Emily will be there too and is begging our mystery teacher to say YES!) at a very humongous venue up here in the north. There will be 4 exclusive and intensive classes, crop time, lunch, 5 shops (inc Art from the Heart - hurrah! Plus Dyan will teach too) This event is called Scrap Trap and its here I break into song. "Its a Scrap Trap..... and you've been caught"

See, I really do need to get out more! ooooh, and picture is of askirt I found made entirely out of paper. Wonder what special wash settings that needs?


Anonymous said...

What's this!!!! You're coming back to Bristol :-) Tell me more pleaseeeee!

Anonymous said...

that sounds like your going to be a busy bee then. The thing next year sounds fab so wait to hear more details. Wish I could come to your one day special but I'll be teaching myself that day so you will have to have one in the new year as well please.
julie x

Trish said...

Oooh Camp KK sounds like fun - can't wait to hear more! Kit arrived yesterday by the way and is lovely, thankyou sooooo much!

Trish xx

joanna said...

Scrap Trap sounds absolutely fantastic; I want me a place on that!!! And now you've got me singing 'Rat Trap' in my head, where it will no doubt stay for the next three days...!!! xx

bookit said... much going on up north!!!! i'll have to check out my calender!

Roz Roz said...

I want to know all about December, come on tell me more pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Scrappy Nina said...

Oooooooh!! More Emily - can't wait!! I take it she's teaching too and not just being there!!!! You'll teach too won't you - yes - fantastic!! Question is - can we cope with the excitement!!! And Bristol again - Fab Fab Fab!!

Miss Sixty said...

Camp KK sounds fun, tell us more!

Shell said...

Please email me details about Bristol hunny! xx

jane said...

I think it stands for Camp Kacky Knickers

DS said...

My guess is Camp KK would be Kaptured by Kirsty

Sharon Speakman said...

oooh Camp KK - would like to go on this one pleaseeeee - more details NOW my friend!!! Sharon x x x

Gaye said...


looking forward to see you again in December :)

Heather said...

Just read the news on UKS - CONGRATS on the Scrapgenie Design Team. Well done xx

Heather said...

Scrap Trap sounds wonderful! and Dec sounds intriguing, spill spill!
I can drive, fly, swim, crawl LOL!


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