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31 Oct 2006

3rd Post - Halloween Happenings

Ellie got totally dressed up tonight - this kid suprises more each day and the more she suprises me the more my heart grows and fills with fluttery buttery mush. I **heart** this kid so much. This is her looking gruesome and almost dead - thanks to the black lippy and eyeshadow. I would say "mind the artex on my walls" but to be honest I couldnt care less, it gets stripped next year and it added to the horror of this wonderful picture of belle with her EYES OPEN!!
We decorated the porch with spiders, skeletons and bats complete with this pumpkin, which I pumpkin lifted from a girl on Two Peas. Thansk to the pea (I have no idea of her pea-name) I was able to delight Belle upon her return home from school. She couldnt wait to get into those green and black tights. Ok, the wig was a bit of a faff but she took one look in the mirror and freaked herself out. She managed 5 houses before her legs caved in and I carried her home for a rest and a good root around her loot bag. To her luck and suprise she had mainly Maltesers (her fave) plus a handful of erm, tic tacs (tight sods), jellies, toffees and even £3. thats just from 5 houses. Is it me or has Halloween suddenly gone all commercial?!!! lol.
We waited for visitors to our door and as there are only 9 houses on our cul-de-sac and us being the youngest family (the rest all retired) we don't get many kids about All in all we had 4 knocks at the door and ellie wowed them with her scarey spider that she made out of a bog roll and embroidery floss. Mwahahahahahahahahaha. We had scarey hamble sambles for tea between us and then a well earned bath to scrape the black eyeshadow off. We are witch free for another year but suitably tooth decayed until then!
Im sat here catching up on CJ's, 2 dares this week (cos we got something fabbo lined up this Friday) and a mag article for Practical Publishing. There are so many emails in my inbox right now and would like to point out that I am ploughing through them (and thats only from Sunday - who are you emailers?!!!). I will reply to them all, truly I will.
And finally for today I took pictures of the 6x6 pages so far - have you ever seen such an array of colour? This cause, for Joanne Ward, will delight her during the difficult days she has left with us and I cannot thank you enough. Anita, her delish sister will no doubt be just as gobsmacked as I am at your generosity.


Corinnexxx said...

she just looks wonderful!!!love the picture too of her.


Heather said...

I love Ellie's costume, striped tights, make up and all.

Roz Roz said...

I want them tights, they are so cute, and Ellie wellie looks so scary, glad she got round the doors and loads of goodies. Those pages look brilliant, I'm sure Joanne will love them.

Angela said...

Ellie looks so scarey, has she eaten all her sweeties yet??

Ann(i)e said...

Really scrummy pumpking and doesn't little Ellie look MARVELOUS!!
Dean was a cowboy and really too cute for words...come check out his pics.

Missy said...

WOWZERS Ellie looks fantastic in her costume.....but she is way too cute to be a witch.

fgeegf said...

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