Ladies Camera Club

1 Sep 2006


Im back home after a couple of days being entertained by these wee minxes. Jo and I took a trip out to her local petting zoo with the girls and Ellie had her first close encounter with a Deer and her dorky mormy only had her mega zoom lens attached to her camera - hence no close up shots. Im a bit gutted because Ellie was besides herself. It was a lovely wee venture out and these pics will add to Ellie's collection of animals she has seen in her magical 10 years. My favourite were the prairie dogs (affectionately known to Canadians as Gophers - Mark used to chase these critters all over Batus training grounds (near Medicine Hat) when out on exercise) and of course the Meerkats. I truly adore these creatures as much as Ellie, if not more and I must admit I was a little reluctant to move on to the nocturnal shed in favour of just snapping this little fella. Alas, the nocturnal shed delighted all 6 beady eyes with fruit bats, iguanas and some hideous looking albino frogs that didn't move. Too yukky to take pictures of Im afraid. Bluergh, they give me the willies just thinking about them.
Back home to the stale, stark stench of reality and Im sat here feeling completely "not here". Have you ever sat at your computer looking down on what you are doing and wonder what are you doing? You feel your fingertips on the keyboard but your head is light and airy and not totally in tune with your body. I seriously have OD'd on herma. Trippy, man!

Oooh and thank you to the two Irish birds who rang me in giggly fits of thunder tonight - what a pick me up. Ive been asked to teach in Eire next year (my first time to Ireland full stop). I had to pinch myself when they asked ...... it means I get to travel by car on a ferry to Dublin from my old haunting ground of Holyhead, North Wales. Did I mention I get sea sick? Pass me another Herma to sniff to help me get over it xx


Jennie said...

Glad you had a fab time with Jo and her two girls.

Congratulations for your Irish invitation, way to go girl!!

joanna said...

It was lovely to have you both here, hun. Please come again soon! Great news about the teaching in Eire - I am very envious of your trip to Ireland. Talk to you soon xxx

amberjane said...

Missy is it truely true you are coming over ?? I am so darn excited I could pee ( but won't cos the safa can't take it LOL )


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