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27 Sep 2006

Scrapgenie DT entry

I fancy my chances with scrapgenies dt - who wouldn't? They have two massive outlets in the UK and Australia and is run by Becks - a young lass, with four fab kids and a fabulous sense of humour. The request was for something you could wear made out of paper and I made these by cutting round my own flip-flops out of chipboard (twice - ouch...... it really hurts hand cutting that stuff!) lining the top with chatterbox papers, eyeletting the toe post, applying canvas ribbon, attaching mini tags depicting left and right and plopping on some paper flowers. The jump ringz were courtesy of Little Cottage Crafts - I love them and guess what? If it aint raining I can actually wear them as I gave the sole a coat of hard wearing acrylic. Id love to get through but I believe the competition is strong and what the heck - I had brillo fun-a-roo making these.
Im getting the jitters, I really am - look ....... ^.-?@~{:`'"....... shaky hands touching keys I never knew I had! Have done nothing but completely talked all day on the phone to everyone and anyone. I managed to get a replacement for one of the girls not coming on the workshop, filled in by the wunnerful Elsesse. That's Tracie to everyone who is not a UK scrapper. I have been out shopping tonight for tea/coffee/sugar, nibblies, choc hotlate and juice. Its bonkers, my head is going cuckoo la-la fifi. Just got the last of the supplies for the kits tonight which was cut kindly by Doolie's hubs and tie wraps, cardstock and eyelets from Sarahs. Id have a coffee now but it would only give me more of the shakes. My heart is palpitating faster than a mouse (have you ever heard a mouse's heart beat ... or do you say mice's heart beat .. good lord, I have chuffin no idea!). On top of that Ive asked from some english-french translation and was overly chuffed when Jill could provide me with it. but pronounciation is a bit of a sod so Sarah (who can speak fluent French - never flippin knew that little I know some peole with all these dark, terrible secrets!) gave me a full phonetic lesson and now I must revise the transcript without sounding Ive just bitten my lip.I so need some sleep, to prepare my jabbering gob to behave when I meet Elsie, to warm my heart for everyone in both Bristol and Gloucester, pack my kits with love, be roomies with Mandy Anderson (thats no sleep then!) and save my best hug for Emily (managed to find something very Ozzy in tesco tonight - she is going to FREAK! ... nope, not a koala bear)
**Also again**
Had to show you this. i worte a transcript in english to Celine and she put it on her website in french. I know im easily pleased but seriously - Ive never been spoken about in french before. I am freaked right out! - LOOK:
Je m’appelle Kirsty et je suis à la fois photographe et scrappeuse. Mes deux passions se complètent à merveille. J’apporte ma contribution à deux magazines anglais en écrivant des articles sur le design, la photographie, le scrapbooking et les cartes de vœux, tout en travaillant à mon compte comme photographe. J’ai la chance d’enseigner lors de plusieurs événements et retraites au Royaume Uni. J’ai la chance d’avoir une famille aimante qui me permet d’exprimer ma passion pour ces activités mais aussi qui m’offre la possibilité d’enseigner et d’inspirer les autres. Et quand je suis pas occupée à toutes ces choses, vous me trouvez blottie contre mon amour de petite fille pour nous créer de nouveaux souvenirs.
Now that my freinds is ... cest bon!


Suebaru said...

Have fun teaching this weekend!

Trish said...

Love those flip flops Kirsty! Good luck for the classes, say hello to Elsie for me!

trish xx

Èadaoin said...

Wow! Cool flip flops!
Good luck in the comp!

I know Ellsese! Tell her I said hi! It's miniflan to her! LOL!

Seeya! x

joanna said...

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, angel cakes :) - have fun in Bristol - I know you will! xxx

bookit said...

Oooooo....have fun, fun ,FUN!!!! i wanna hear all about it when you get back :)

Maria said...

Have fun and I lurve those purdy flippy flappers xxx

em said...

ok for some reason i cannot email you! forces of evil are working against me. in answer to your question - yes, that should be fine! i hope! can you bring a piece of black and a piece of white 12x12 for me? ok...i'll try you again later - can't wait to see you and get my hug!!
e xx

Jen said...

Oh Kirsty c'est merveilleux! Wow at the flip flops (in the French scrapping mag in the summer they called them "slaps"!) and Bonne Chance for everything you are doing. xx

Corinnexxx said...

cool flipflops and you are just gonna love elsie, I had a workshop and a lunch yesterday with her and she is the best!


Jennifer said...

Ooh love those flip flops!! You're so very clever!!!

Tracie H said...

Loving the slappy flappys. So excited...only 1 more sleep till Saturday....whoooo hoooo.

karen said...

oh wow how gorgeous are those flip flops, you must get on the DT as you rock!
have fun at the weekend, wish i could be there.

Julie said...

C'est tres bon, je crois!

Scrappeuse - j'aime bien ce nom! Je m'appelle Julie, et je suis une scrappeuse......

Jaime bien les 'flip-flops' - tres chic. Bon chance!

A demain!
I'll see ya tomorrow, so I am not sure why I'm posting, babes, but anyway, very impressed!

Beth said...

Those are fab flip flops

Pam said...

Great flip flops- Did you but tim tams for Emily, or maybe it was vegemite?

fgeegf said...

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