Ladies Camera Club

12 Sep 2006

never were there such devoted sisters...

These sisters were so lovely to be with - funny, charming and polite. I love taking pictures when you know that no matter what the weather maybe the subject will be as sunny as the summeriest summer.

Ive had a sudden surge in bookings this week - i can only thank the advertising I pay for on UK Scrappers - thank you! Additionally the locals in my town have noticed me walking around the parks with my camera and have been enquiring too. Im so happy about this - especially as the indian summer gives me lots of light to play with.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them - such pretty girls and erm, feet?!! lol xx

Tonight I was playing with photos - like this of Penny the cat - my wubbly friend Shellbean owns him (and I plan to steal him!) this is a service I provide but in the meantime, if you do want photos manipulating or enhanced like this - please visit my other wubbly friend Anita's blog. She is doing this service for a worthy cause (her sister, Jo, my extra special wubbly freind)


juliemdoyle said...

Oh what bonny girls they look delightful and well done with the bookings.
julie x

Shell said...

Gorgeous girlies!

joanna said...

Beautiful photos, Kirsty - aren't these lovely, light sunny days in September a boon for taking photos. I have been snapping away, trying to make the most of the light! What a gorgeous cat Shell has!

Shell said...

I'd better not tell Penny she's famous, her head get even bigger! Love your version - so zingy!!!

corinne said...

thanks for posting the link also, anita will be happy! love your pics!


Ann(i)e said...

Stunning pictures you are getting so good!!! =)
Are we still on for a big bellie, prego shoot in November?? I hope so, I have been rubbing my belly with cocoa butter in anticipation of the event!

fgeegf said...

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