Ladies Camera Club

19 Sep 2006

I scrapped with Anita Mundt!

I get so star struck when I meet people whose work I admire and when I met Anita I just died. I did, you know, for like 2 seconds and then I magicked myself to be alive again because I so wanted to give Joanne, her lovely sister, a big fat cuddle. We chatted, ate ravenously and most obviously scrapped. Anita had been given the most fabulous DT kit to work on and I was working with some papers from Sarahs Cards - carolees collection - which are, actually, quite delicious. Sarah made a paperbag book to sell on Ebay (the owman has stamina and patience!!) and Jo just watched, listened and laughed. No sooner had we got into it we had to leave and what felt like 5 minutes had actually been 3 hours. Time is my biggest enemy, I was so sad to leave tiny Jo. Jo is a fighter and I completely understand the meaning of being "brave" during this time. She is outwardly very brave and yet deep down she is unwell BUT!!! She is going to beat the big C and Im going to do everything I can to help "shoo" it away.
On a lighter note look what arrived today. Belles glasses! Those disgusting yellow temporary efforts have been tossed in the bin with a big, fat "good riddance". My little girl can now go forth and play in the sun without a: looking like a banana and b: no real protection from the sun. I think she looks supercoolio mega funerama moma. And you know what? She thinks it too!
Mark came home last night after his manouvres in Wales and he is home for a few days. I sleep so easy when he is around but Belle gets ever so cross as she normally sleeps with me whilst he is away, so she is back in her own bed tonight. She is not in a good mood with me right now (no shocks there) but a story at bedtime, which she reads to me, seems to be a good compromise. Minus the sunnies of course ;)


Suzanne said...

What a wonderful time you must have had Kirsty. I can't believe four of you scrapped around that table though, I need that and more myself.

bookit said...

OWWWwwww...the day went so fast!!!! i had so much fun meeting you and Sarah and it felt like i already had known you both for years! hope it won't be too long before we get to repeat the experience!!!!
and guess what...i got to scrap with KIRSTY WISEMAN!!! and have my photo with her (bad shot of me!) but everyone else looks amazing!
talk soon

joanna said...

So glad to hear you had such a lovely day, hun - sounds like a lot of fun. And Ellie must be delighted to have her new sunnies - they are totally funkeroo!! :D xx

Maria said...

Sounds like a fabbie day and you all look so happy.

I love those sunnies and my poor dry old eyes could do with a pair like that.

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Looks like a fun mini-crop! Gosh - I'm going to be soooo starstruck to meet you and emily and all the other familiar names NEXT WEEK!!!!! I've never been to a class before :D

Missy said...

So glad to see your Belle got her long awaited glasses....she looks fab. - Missy

Corinnexxx said...

He I see my friend on your blog, glad you had time to hang out with anita! The sun glasses look smoking on your cutie!


Hysteri-CAL said...

I hope you lot didn't have Mars Bar cake without me ???

Wow - are they cool shades or what - love em !!!

Sarah said...

Wasn't it SUCH a fabby special day????

Roz Roz said...

oh wow, you got to play with Anita, how lucky are you. Ellie Wellie looks so cool in those glasses, glad they arrived all safe and sound, that packaging really did work then, and there was me thinking it was all a gimmick. mwahahhahhaha

fgeegf said...

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