Ladies Camera Club

2 Sep 2006

Celebrating Life

The doom and gloom of the day is enough to make you turn your back on the world on a wet morning and stay in bed to fester. But I was so awake this morning - more awake than usual and was not suprised when I heard the phone go at 9am. I knew what the call was before I picked it up and was not suprised to hear Marks father ask in a very monotone voice "Hi Kirsty, can I talk to Mark?". Without question I handed the phone over to Mark to hear the news that Nan had passed away. Marks Nan has been ill since our holiday to North Wales in May with various strains of lung conditions including pneuamonia and even worse, MRSA, these past few weeks. When we came back from Minorca just last week, it seemed Nan had become worse and when Mark and I paid a visit last week her mind had just gone. How heartbreaking is it to be locked away in your frail shell watching the misery of a hospital ward going by? Its heart wrenching. She was half with us in part of the conversation and we did get her to giggle at one point .... something Mark and I will remember dearly.
Its true she has gone to a better place where pain and hurt does not exist and for that I think that death should be celebrated - especially when it has been expected for some time. I can't say every departure from this world could ever be experienced as a celebration but for a woman who was 84....... its worth a toast to her memory and heritage. Ellenor handled it very well - a sign that our little lady is becoming quite wise on life. I picked out a picture of her I took weeks ago to show you how grown up she looks at times.
By the way - check out this weeks speshals. Lots of yummy stuff to feast your peppers on.
Also - we have 6 spaces spare at the Emily Falconbridge workshop on 30th september at Crafty Pastimes in Gloucester. A 4 hour workshop has you inspired by Emily and myself making grungy, diiiiirty pieces of scrap art that will delight and mostof all - BE UNIQUE xx
Email me at if you want to reserve a place. I really want to meet you xx


joanna said...

So sorry to hear about Mark's nan, Kirstles; love to you all xx

Suebaru said...

So sorry about Mark's Nan hun x

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Sorry to hear about your loss. But indeed, 84 years is a life to be celebrated - I felt the same when my nan left us suddenly at 86.

Wish I could get to the workshop. I looked into trains, but I can't get from Plymouth early enough :( And can't do overnights. Would have loved to meet you and the other girls who will be there. Ho hum.

corinne said...

Sorry to hear of your loss, but she will be in abetter place now, hugsxxx


domestic goddess said...

sorry to hear about Marks nan xx

heather said...

Sorry for your family's loss...

How cute is your daughter... she is just gorg!!

Wish I could join in at the workshop but being a Luxurious Angel is going to be nerve wracking enuff... Looking forward to meeting you and learning from you

Take care

fgeegf said...

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